"I knew the day I took the helm that this was something we needed. It’s not just a shooting range, it’s a training facility. Having a dedicated space means we can do so much more than just shoot arrows. A lot of research and planning went into the design of the Archery Training Center. I think one of the biggest challenges to being a Student-Athlete is time. The time to shoot as many arrows as we need to doesn’t exist. So we must be creative and incorporate other things into our schedule that can bridge the gap. The ATC gives us that opportunity. I knew the first time the team saw it, they felt like they finally had a home. I knew after the first practice, they realized the potential of what the ATC offers."

 - Derek Davis, Head Coach of Archery

"The ATC is a gorgeous and newly renovated facility, but the best part of it is that it is ours. Our team finally has a place to call home. I also love the giant sticker that is placed right next to the entrance of the range- it's great that there is so much lion pride from the moment anyone walks in. I'm also very excited for all of the new possibilities of the ATC . It won't just be a place for us to practice, it will be a place for us to become stronger as a team and bond even more than we did before. "
Junior • Compound
Tenafly, N.J.
"The ATC is definitely a place that I see myself appreciating not just as a training facility but also as a home. There is nowhere I'm more comfortable than an archery range, and the new ATC definitely has the potential to become a sort of haven for me. The atmosphere is awesome: the sound system creates an energizing environment and the windows make the place bright and open. I particularly like the new Columbia-blue targets and the satisfying "boom" they make when they are shot. The opportunities the ATC will allow the team are vast, and it is overall a very classy place to train. I can't wait to spend more time there! "
First-Year • Compound
Frederick, Md.
"The ATC is really exciting for the team and a great stepping stone for Columbia Archery. We've never had our own space before, so this really gives us the opportunity to train under the best conditions with state-of-the-art equipment. This space also allows for Columbia's archery club to train there as well, so it increases archery participation, which is always great to see.
Most importantly, I'm glad that Columbia Archery has finally found a home. We plan to take full advantage of this amazing opportunity, and I have very high hopes for the team in this upcoming season."
Junior • Recurve
Chula Vista, Calif.