LEWISBURG, Pa. - Columbia’s Tyrel White and Garrett Ryan will compete at the 2017 NCAA Championships, having qualified after impressive performances during this weekend’s EIWA Championships, hosted by Bucknell.

Ryan took home the heavyweight title, becoming Columbia’s first EIWA Champion since Steve Santos claimed the 2013 title at 149 pounds. The heavyweight took down Drexel’s Joey Goodhart in the third to secure a win in the championship match, besting the junior, 7-3.

The Scottsdale, Arizona, native had his first two matches of the tournament end early, picking up a pin against Corey Kerkesner from Franklin & Marshall during the opening bout, before sixth-seeded Craig Scott of Cornell was forced to injury default in the quarterfinal match. During the semifinal match, Ryan bested the No. 2 seed, Lehigh’s Doug Vollaro, by a 6-2 decision to guarantee an automatic bid to the NCAA Championships.

For White, a tight loss in the semifinal match meant he needed a win in the consolation semifinal in order to secure his third consecutive bid to the NCAAs. The junior came out strong, posting a 2-0 decision against Drew Daniels of Navy, to pick up the bid.

The 165-pounder went on to drop his third place bout in a rematch against Army’s Andrew Mendel, 5-2, claiming fourth place for the third straight year.

"I'm really pleased with the effort by both of those guys," said the Andrew F. Barth Head Coach of Wrestling Zach Tanelli. "This weekend is about qualifying for NCAAs. Those guys came here and did exactly what they needed to do. We now get to go back home and make some adjustments to prepare to put ourselves in a position to become All-Americans."

Also taking a spot on the podium were Jacob Macalolooy, who finished in eighth place at 141, and Dan Reed, the eighth place finisher at 149.

For the tournament, the Lions finished in 12th place overall with 50 points.

"Our growth throughout the season was evident by the performance this weekend from our team," said Tanelli. "As a whole, I feel everyone came here and performed well, regardless of wins and losses."

Next up for the Lions, Ryan and White will head to St. Louis for the 2017 NCAA Championships, which take place March 16-18.

Full Columbia Results

125 – No. 7 Johnson Mai
1st Round – W, 6-1 vs. Edgar Garcia (Franklin & Marshall)
QF – L, 15-0 vs. No. 2 Josh Terao (American)
Cons. 8 (2) – L, 6-5 vs. Matteo DeVincenzo (Princeton)

133 – Alec Kelly
1st Round – L, Fall (1:31) vs. No. 1 Scott Parker (Lehigh)
Cons. 8 (1) – W, 8-0 vs. Carl Antrassian (Penn)
Cons. 8 (2) – L, 5-2 vs. No. 2 Esteban Gomez-Rivera (American)

141 – No. 8 Jacob Macalolooy (8th)
1st Round – W, 8-2 vs. AJ Vindici (Penn)
QF – L, 6-1 vs. No. 1 Matthew Kolodzik (Princeton)
Cons. 8 (2) – W, 2-1 vs. David Pearce (Drexel)
Cons. 4 – L, 18-2 vs. No. 5 Logan Everett (Army)
7th Place L, 1-0 vs. No. 6 AJ Jaffe (Harvard)

149 – Dan Reed (8th)
1st Round – W, 4-3 vs. No. 4 Jonathan Furnas (Cornell)
QF – L, 7-6 vs. No. 5 Hunter Ladnier (Harvard)
Cons. 8 (2) – W, 9-5 (SV-1) vs. No. 6 Joe Olivia (Penn)
Cons. 4 – L, 4-1 vs. No. 8 Michael Sprague (American)
7th Place L, 7-4 vs. No. 7 Parker Kropman (Binghamton)

157 – Laurence Kosoy
1st Round – L, 4-3 vs. No. 5 May Bethea (Penn)
Cons. 8 (1) – W, 4-1 vs. Casey Mitchell (Sacred Heart)
Cons. 8 (2) – L, 10-0 vs. Zack Davis (Navy)

165 – No. 3 Tyrel White (4th)
1st Round – W, 5-2 vs. Cole Moseley (American)
QF – W, 2-1 vs. No. 6 Andrew Mendel (Army)
SF – L, Fall (6:33) vs. No. 7 Brooks Martino (Penn)
Cons. Semi W, 2-0 vs. No. 8 Drew Daniels (Navy)
3rd Place L, 5-2 vs. No. 6 Andrew Mendel (Army)

174 – Andrew Psomas
1st Round – L, 14-4 vs. No. 6 Jonathan Schleifer (Princeton)
Cons. 8 (1) – W, 10-3 vs. DJ Hollingshead (Bucknell)
Cons. 8 (2) – L, 12-1 vs. No. 5 Josef Johnson (Harvard)

184 – Jacob Young
1st Round – W, Fall (6:17) vs. No. 6 CJ LaFragola (Brown)
QF – L, Fall (:08) vs. No. 3 Michael Coleman (Navy)
Cons. 8 (2) – L, 5-3 vs. Kanon Dean (Harvard)

197 – Michael Bulkin
1st Round – L, Fall (1:03) vs. No. 7 Jeric Kasunic (American)
Cons. 8 (1) – L, 15-7 vs. Joshua Murphy (Drexel)

HWT – No. 3 Garrett Ryan (1st)
1st Round – W, Fall (2:23) vs. Corey Kerkesner (F&M)
QF – W, inj. default vs. No. 6 Craig Scott (Cornell)
SF – W, 6-2 No. 2 Doug Vollaro (Lehigh)
Final –
W, 7-3 vs. No. 1 Joey Goodhart (Drexel)