NEW YORK — The Columbia women’s rowing team hosted Clemson and Princeton on Saturday at Overpeck Park, posting a time of 7:58.6 to finish second in the varsity eight.

Columbia beat Clemson by 13 seconds with the Tigers posting a time of 8:11.5. Princeton won the varsity eight, clocking in at 7:19.2.

"We want to thank Clemson for making the trip north an adding an out of region opponent from the ACC to our regular dual race,” said head coach Scott Ramsey. “Direct racing across the power conferences has become increasingly important in how the NCAA selection committee determines at-large berths to the Div. I championships, and we look forward to hosting more out-of-region opponents at Overpeck in the future. As always, we appreciate Princeton’s sportsmanship in committing to rotating the hosting honors for this race each season, as well."

Princeton claimed the varsity four, as well, with a time of 9:02.6. The Lions beat out Clemson by nine seconds in the second varsity eight, but the Tigers pulled away with a 14-second victory.

"Princeton is always a tough opponent to prepare for, and we knew after their sweep of Brown and Michigan State last weekend that we’d be facing an even bigger challenge than usual,” Ramsey added. “This week, we wanted to make sure we stepped up to that challenge through executing a more aggressive race plan in addition to coming away with wins over Clemson in the NCAA boat classes. It was a mixed result in regards to both, but we succeeded in earning the wins over Clemson in the higher-priority boats. Our second varsity eight, in particular, did the best job in keeping their race competitive with Princeton."

Columbia hosts its third straight opponent on Saturday when Northeastern visits Overpeck Park.


Varsity Eight
Princeton – 7:19.2
Columbia – 7:58.6
Clemson – 8:11.5

Second Varsity Eight
Princeton – 7:57.5
Columbia – 8:11.6
Clemson – 8:20.3

Varsity Four
Princeton – 9:02.6
Clemson – 9:18.1
Columbia – 9:31.2

Second Varsity Four
Princeton – 9:10.4
Clemson – 9:38.7
Columbia – 9:59.6


Varsity Eight
Racing in the James T. McMenamin
Cox: Virginia Fatt
Stroke: Charlotte Buck
7: Lilli DeBode
6: Maryse Suppiger
5: Elena McGahey
4: Caroline Herriman
3: Hannah Juge
2: Maddie Lawn
1: Liza Ray

Second Varsity Eight
Racing in the Class of 2013:
Cox: Erica Glaser
Stroke: Anna Beshlian
7: Oriana Marcial
6: Laurel Quinones
5: Emily Evans
4: Maya Hartleben
3: Taylor Fogg
2: Skyler Samuelson
1: Nonie Thomas

Varsity Four
Racing in the Harlem Heat:
Cox: Ivy Huang
Stroke: Giovanna Crozier-Fitzgerald
3: Caroline Kaplan
2: Hailey Todoroff
1: Chloe Keating

Second Varsity Four
Racing in the Iliad:
Cox: Christy Abraham
Stroke: Anya Di Salvo
3: Maggie DeVlieger
2: Sabina Maurer
1: Astrid Walker-Stewart