The Columbia University Athletics Hall of Fame

The Columbia University Athletics Hall of Fame was founded to honor, pay tribute and perpetuate the memory of those individuals who, either through participation, support or interest, have made outstanding contributions in the field of intercollegiate athletics and who have helped bring recognition, honor, distinction and excellence to Columbia University.

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The Class of 2016
Inducted October 20, 2016

Male Student-athletes, Heritage Era
Howie Hansen '52CC, Football

Bob Hartman ’52CC, Wrestling

Male Student-Athletes, Modern Era
Steve Charles '79CC, Soccer
Paul Kaliades ’73CC, Football
James Margolis ’58CC, Fencing
Matt Palmer ’07CC, Wrestling
Johnathan Reese ’02CC, Football
Jeff Spear ’10CC, Fencing

Female Student-Athletes
Allison Buehler ’03CC, Softball
Liz Cheung-Gaffney ’98CC, Soccer
Ylonka Dubout-Wills ’84BC, Track & Field
Megan Griffith ’07CC, Basketball
Judie Lomax ’10BC, Basketball
Sara Ovadia ’09CC, Golf
Sophie Reiser ’10CC, Soccer

Team, Heritage Era
1954 Men’s Fencing

Team, Modern Era
1979 Men’s Soccer

Team, Female
2006 Women’s Soccer

Athletics Staff
Kevin DeMarrais ’64CC, Director of Sports Information (1965-67, 1969-84)
Paul Fernandes, Associate AD, Head Baseball Coach (1977-2008)
Ron Russo, Wrestling (1972-91)

Special Category
Rocco B. Commisso ’71SEAS, Men’s Soccer
Roone Arledge ’52CC

The Class of 2014
Inducted October 23, 2014

Male Student-athletes, Heritage Era
Al Barabas ’36CC, Football
John Howard Johnson ’22CC, Basketball
Ted Kiendl 1910CC, Basketball
Eugene Rogers ’45SEAS, Swimming 

Male Student-athletes, Modern Era
Amr Aly ’85CC, Soccer
John Baumann, Jr. ’08CC, Baseball/Basketball
Howie Endelman ’87CC, Tennis
Len Renery ’71CC, Soccer
Bruce Soriano ’72CC, Fencing
Steve Sundell ’04CC, Cross Country/Track and Field 

Female Student-athletes
Jacqueline Adelfio ’06SEAS, Softball
Emily Jacobson ’08CC, Fencing
Milena Kachar ’07CC, Tennis
Kathy Lavold ’03BC, Volleyball
Daria Schneider ’10CC, Fencing 

Team, Heritage Era
1929 Heavyweight Rowing

Teams, Modern Era
1987 Men's Tennis Team
1996 Football Team 

Team, Female
2005 Women's Cross Country Team 

Athletics Staff
George Kolombatovich, Fencing, 1979-2011

The Class of 2012
Inducted October 18, 2012

Male Student-athletes, Heritage Era
Horace Davenport '29CC, rowing
William Morley 1902SEAS, football
Robert Nielsen '51CC, fencing
Barry Pariser '55CC, fencing
Harold Weekes 1903CC, football

Male Student-athletes, Modern Era
Neil Farber '65CC, baseball/basketball
Ted Gregory '74CC, football
Steve Hasenfus '89CC, wrestling
Erison Hurtault '07CC, track
Frank Seminara '89CC, baseball
Des Werthman '93CC, football

Female Student-athletes
Danicia Ambron '94CC, swimming
Nora Beck '83BC, '89SOA, basketball
Emma Baratta '06CC, fencing
Caroline Bierbaum '06CC, cross country/track and field
Monica Conley '03CC, fencing
Caitlin Hickin '04CC, cross country/track and field
Shannon Munoz '07CC, soccer

Team, Heritage Era
1933 Football Team

Team, Modern Era
1988 Men's Fencing Team

Coach, Heritage Era
James Murray, Fencing, 1898-1948

Coach, Modern Era
Jack Rohan, Men's Basketball, 1961-74, 1990-95

Athletics Administrator
Marion R. Philips, Former Chair, Physical Education, Barnard College

Special Category for Individual Achievement
Robert K. Kraft '63CC, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, New England Patriots and Owner and Chief Executive Officer, The Kraft Group

The Class of 2010
October 22, 2010

Male Student-athletes, Heritage Era
Charles Batterman '44CC, swimming and diving, posthumous
Lou Bender '32CC, basketball, posthumous
Oliver Campbell 1891CC, tennis, posthumous
Walter Koppisch '25CC, football, posthumous
John J. O'Brien '38CC, basketball, posthumous
Stephen Sobel '54CC, fencing
Al Thompson '54CC, track and field

Male Student-athletes, Modern Era
Thomas Auth '90CC, rowing
Robert Cottingham, Jr. '88CC, fencing
Rikhardur "Rikki" Dadason '96CC, soccer
Garrett Neubart '95CC, baseball
Nicholas Szerlip '95CC, wrestling
Frank Thomas '56CC, basketball
Rory Wilfork '97CC, football

Female Student-athletes
Alison Ahern '00CC, soccer, posthumous
Nicole Campbell '02CC, field hockey, softball
Delilah DiCrescenzo '05CC, cross country/track and field
Lucy Eccleston Norvall '03BC, swimming and diving
Kathy Gilbert White '91CC, basketball
Erinn Smart '01BC, fencing

Coach, Heritage Era
Edward T. Kennedy, head swimming and diving coach (1910-55), posthumous

Coach, Modern Era
Aldo T. "Buff" Donelli, head football coach (1957-67), posthumous
Dieter Ficken, head men's soccer coach (1979-2005)

1961 Football

Athletics Staff
Bill Steinman

Special Category for Individual Achievement
Gerald Sherwin '55CC

The Class of 2008
October 2, 2008

Former Male Student-athletes, Heritage Era
John Azary ’51CC, basketball, posthumous
Walt Budko ’48CC, basketball
Bruce Gehrke ’48CC, baseball/basketball/football, posthumous
Gene Rossides ’49CC, football
Bill Sanford ’30CC, rowing, posthumous
George Shaw ’53CC, track & field, posthumous

Former Male Student-athletes, Modern Era
Rolando Acosta ’79CC, baseball
Ben Atkins ’93CC, fencing
Alton Byrd ’79CC, basketball
Marty Domres ’69CC, football
Leonard “Buck” Jenkins ’93CC, basketball
Steve Sirtis ’84CC, soccer
Russ Warren ’62CC, football

Former Female Student-athletes
Stacey Borgman ’98BC, rowing
Ellen Bossert ’86CC, basketball
Carrie Daly ’86BC, track & field
Janette Kizer-Antiles ’92BC, tennis
Tzu Moy ’91CC, fencing

Coach, Heritage Era
Andy Coakley, head coach of baseball (1915-51), posthumous

Coach, Modern Era
Irv DeKoff, head coach of fencing (1952-67)

Team, Heritage Era
1950-51 Men’s Basketball

Team, Modern Era
1983 Men’s Soccer

Athletics Staff
Frank Dobbins, equipment manager (1962-98), posthumous

Special Category for Individual Achievement
George Baker, posthumous
Lawrence A. Wien ’25CC ’27LAW, posthumous

The Inaugural Class
February 18, 2006

Male Student-athletes, Heritage Era
Eddie Collins, baseball
Lou Gehrig, baseball
Paul Governali, football
George Gregory, basketball
Ben Johnson, track and field
Lou Kusserow, football
Sid Luckman, football
Cliff Montgomery, football
Nat Pendleton, wrestling
Bill Swiacki, football

Male Student-athletes, Modern Era
Tony Corbisiero, swimming
Chet Forte, basketball
Dave Galdi, wrestling
Gene Larkin, baseball
Jim McMillian, basketball
Barry Nix, soccer
Jon Normile, fencing
Archie Roberts, baseball/football
Marcellus Wiley, football
John Witkowski, football

Female Student-athletes
Katy Bilodeau, fencing
Tosh Forde, soccer
Ula Lysniak, basketball
Devon Martin, cross country/track and field
Lisa Piazza, fencing
Tina Steck, diving
Cristina Teuscher, swimming

1967-68 Men's Basketball

Coach, Heritage Era
Lou Little, head football coach (1930-56)

Special Category for Individual Achievement
Connie Maniatty