Mission Statement

It is the goal of the Columbia Strength and Conditioning program to enhance the athletes play on the field or court. The goal of the strength room is to provide an atmosphere where all athletes can feel confident in their training. All athletes are coached regardless of talent level. The athletes learn to respect coaches and each other. It is a place where the barriers between men, women, and minorities are broken down on a daily basis. The athletes will be educated in the various aspects of training, not just told what to do. It is a place where the athletes can take pride in their sport and school.

Lion Training Philosophy

It is the philosophy of the strength and conditioning staff that we train our student-athletes to consistently improve on their athletism; to build an athlete who is stronger, quicker, more agile, and more resistant to injury. We focus on training the athlete from the ground up; where the athlete works with his/her feet pm tje ground in free space.

Practical Implications

The strength and conditioning staff believes this type of training will improve upon certain physical parameters such as improved levels of strength and power, flexibility, stamina, and agility. We believe this will improve an athlete's performance on the field, the mat, the pool, or on the court and significantly decrease his/her chance of injury.

Staff Biographies

Aldo T. "Buff" Donelli Intercollegiate Strength & Conditioning Room

Rules and Regulations