Kevin Burton
Associate Athletics Director for Compliance


Dear Friends of Columbia Athletics:

We are grateful for your loyal and continuing support of Columbia University’s Department of Intercollegiate Athletics and Physical Education and rely upon you to partner with us in creating a championship environment. As a Division I athletics program that is a member of the NCAA and the Ivy League, Columbia University is obligated to uphold the rules and regulations that have been established to govern intercollegiate athletics participation in its 31 varsity sports.

We ask our supporters to help keep Columbia University’s tradition of athletic integrity intact by following NCAA, Ivy League, and University regulations.

This portion of the website endeavors to apprise the Columbia University community – including its prospective and current student-athletes, coaches, faculty and staff, alumni, donors, boosters and friends – of the most relevant and significant items concerning NCAA rules.

Thank you for your continued enthusiasm for Columbia Athletics.

Roar, Lion, Roar!

Best regards,
Peter Pilling
Director, Intercollegiate Athletics and Physical Education