Columbia University sponsors 29 intercollegiate teams competing in the Ivy League in NCAA Division I (I-AA for football).

The Department of Intercollegiate Athletics and Physical Education of Columbia University in the City of New York is dedicated to the pursuit of excellence in all its endeavors. We aspire to be an exceptional Intercollegiate Athletics and Physical Education program by offering opportunity for all, valuing integrity in our actions, and providing quality service to all of our constituencies.

The Department of Intercollegiate Athletics and Physical Education recognizes that the development of the mind, body and spirit is vital to the Columbia University community. We will:

Offer athletic and recreational opportunities that meet expectations of excellence

Foster an inclusive environment that nurtures intellectual growth, physical development and social interaction

Produce and maintain winning intercollegiate sports programs

Comply with all NCAA and Ivy League rules and regulations

Challenge our community to live a healthy and active lifestyle

Create, sponsor and provide programs to engage our University community and our neighbors

Develop our student-athletes with values reflecting the richness and diversity of the Columbia community, and

Live by the guiding principles of the mission of the University; to educate and produce future leaders who will engage the world in a productive and thoughtful manner

Consistent with the mission of Columbia University, the Department of Intercollegiate Athletics and Physical Education operates a broad-based program of sports and physical activities that reflect to the extent possible the interest of the student body, the ethical principles of the University and the desires of its internal and external constituents. In carrying out its mission, the following principles shall apply:

Leadership of the Department will be visionary, decisive, motivating and participatory,

The Department will promote a safe, hospitable and enjoyable environment for guests and patrons of events and other activities,

The Department will promote the health, safety and well-being of each participant,

The Department will develop a clear set of goals that focus on providing excellent customer service through the coherence of goals, incentives, rewards, organizational structures and the presence of effective Departmental processes for assessment and self-improvement,

Programs will maximize involvement of students, faculty, staff, alumni and friends of the University while recognizing and promoting the enhancement of diversity within the Department,

Sports programs will promote the highest standards in areas of academic and athletic achievement, personal growth and citizenship,

Recreational programs will enrich the student experience and contribute to the quality of life throughout the campus and local community,

The Department will foster the highest level of intercollegiate athletic competition and compete nationally in selected sports,

The Department staff will endorse integrity and ethics while maintaining a fiscally responsible structure that emphasizes sound leadership, teaching and coaching,

Programs will respond to the needs and interests of students, outreach goals of the University, competitive rigors of the Ivy League Conference and the financial demands of the ever-changing environment through regular evaluation and assessment and

The Department will identify, attract and retain staff who exhibit strong commitment to the values of the organization including open and honest communication, high energy, initiative, enthusiasm and creativity.

Under a unique agreement, women at Barnard College and the undergraduate division of Columbia University compete together as members of University-wide athletic teams. The arrangement, known as a "consortium" under NCAA rules, is one of just three in the nation and is the only one in Division I. It provides the opportunity for female students enrolled at separate colleges to compete within one athletic program while drawing on the resources of all the colleges.

Established in 1983, the consortium was designed to coincide with the admission of women to Columbia College. It was built upon an already established women's athletic program at Barnard College. By building on that program, the University sought to provide all undergraduate women with the finest competitive opportunities. Both Barnard and Columbia believe that the consortium creates an athletic program within the Ivy League that is far stronger than what either institution could offer individually.

The female student-athlete at Columbia University has a wide variety of educational options to choose from. She may enroll in any of three main undergraduate divisions of the University - Barnard College, Columbia College and the Fu Foundation School of Engineering - and be eligible to compete for Columbia University teams. Undergraduate students in the School of Nursing and the School of General Studies are also eligible.

Columbia is one of the eight institutions that comprise the Ivy League. Click here for more information on the league.

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