DALLAS – A large contingent of Lions’ fencers, past and present, are coming off strong performances at the North American Cup last week. The highlight of the event was an all-Columbia final in the Division I Women’s Foil, where Jackie Dubrovich edged Margaret Lu in the final.

Dubrovich, who has yet to lose a bout in Columbia's first two competitions of the season, beat out the field of 98 other opponents, which included Nicole Ross ‘13CC and Ann March-Senic ‘94CC tying for third place and Jessie Laffey coming in 25th, respectively.

In the Division I Sabre portion of the event, alumn Jeff Spear ‘10CC earned a victory in the field of 115 fencers.

The Lions return to collegiate action at the Penn State Invitational on Saturday, Jan. 11.


North American Cup
Dallas, Texas
Dec. 12-16

Division I Women’s Foil (99 Fencers)
1stJackie Dubrovich

2ndMargaret Lu
3rdNicole Ross ‘13CC
3rd – Ann March-Senic ‘94CC
25thJessie Laffey

Division I Men’s Sabre (115 Fencers)
1st – Jeff Spear ‘10CC

26th – Paolo Roselli ‘98GS

Division I Men’s Foil (158 Fencers)
31stAdam Mathieu

32ndDrew Johnston

Division I Women’s Sabre (92 Fencers)
12thDaria Schneider ‘10CC

Division I Women’s Epee (138 Fencers)
15thMason Speta

Division I Men’s Epee (254 Fencers)
28th ­– Dwight Smith ‘09CC