Camp Update is Back!
Courtesy: Columbia University Athletics/Darlene Camacho

Norries Wilson, the Patricia and Shepard Alexander Head Coach of Football, is giving periodic updates on preseason camp. Check back daily to catch the latest report! Check for further updates on the Columbia Football webpage at

Day 1

Conditioning Test 

Day 2
I thought the players moved around well today.  Shoulder pads go on tomorrow.
The backs were really good today in catching the football out of the back field.  I can’t find one to single out, they all did it well.  We have to work out some of the route running, but that will come. Olawale is throwing the ball better and seems to be making better decisions, and Bell seems to have more zip on the ball.  He also has been doing a better job ball handling, in the run game.
The defense got to move around today which presented a few problems for the younger guys.  The secondary has improved on disguising coverages, but can still get better in that aspect.  Cameron, Moretto, and Paruch are all doing good things at SAM.  We will have to see as the install progresses who can continue the steady play.
Special Teams
Williamson and Guttas both have shown they have the ability to be a good punter.  We will have to see how they react when the rush is live.

Day 3

It wasn’t as hot as they said it would be today.
I thought Kourouma, Rangel, and Ivery all ran the ball well today.  We concentrated on running the ball between the tackles and each of them hit it in there well.
After watching the film I thought the first offensive line protected well in drop back and play action. Lipovsky had a good day in pass pro.  They did a decent job against the line movements.  We are throwing the deep ball better than we have in the past. Gutierrez hauled in a deep one down the sideline. Kennedy and Pope each have improved as run blockers.
The secondary played well today.  Schuster fit in the run game well a few times.  Morine challenged a few throws.  Kurt Williams broke well on a ball and got a pick.  Fraser was stout against the run.  We still have to run better to the ball.  I think our overall team speed on defense has improved.  We have to use it on every snap to gain an advantage and to cover up for mistakes.
Blitzes tomorrow.