Football Preseason Camp Update - Day Four
Courtesy: Columbia University Athletics

Norries Wilson, the Patricia and Shepard Alexander Head Coach of Football, is giving periodic updates on preseason camp. Check back daily to catch the latest report! Check for further updates on the Columbia Football webpage at


Good Morning
There were three team periods today.  The offense moved the ball well in the first period.  The defense got the best of the blitz period, and the full team period was give and take on both sides of the football.
Ivery continued running the ball well today, and ripped off a handful of good runs.  Brackett threw a couple of good balls during the team period for the rookies.  The offense did a good job running the ball on the outside.  Rangel did a great job in pass protection during the blitz period.  Hauschildt and Cohen are improving on the offensive line.
Gross had a good day all around.  Otis is playing the deep ball better.  Weller and Mehrer were good in the secondary.  The d-line is doing a good job with pass rush games and they are playing screens well.
Full pads for the first time tomorrow.