Columbia Men's Basketball All-Time All-Ivy League Recipients
Courtesy: Columbia University Athletics/Gene Boyars

Chet Forte
1955-56 Ted Dwyer (second team)
  Frank Thomas (second team)
1956-57 Ted Dwyer
  Chet Forte
  Bob Kehner (honorable mention)
1958-59 Murry Melton (honorable mention)
1959-60 Richie Rodin (second team)
  Ed Auzenbergs (honorable mention)
1960-61 Ed Auzenbergs (honorable mention)
1961-62 Art Woliansky (honorable mention)
1962-63 Neil Farber (second team)
  Jim Cleven (honorable mention)
1963-64 Neil Farber (second team)
  Ken Benoit (honorable mention)
1964-65 Neil Farber (second team)
  Stan Felsinger (honorable mention)
1965-66 Stan Felsinger
  Dave Newmark
1966-67 Roger Walaszek (second team)
1967-68 Jim McMillian
  Dave Newmark
  Heyward Dotson (second team)
  Roger Walaszek (second team)
1968-69 Heyward Dotson
  Jim McMillian
  Roger Walaszek (honorable mention)
1969-70 Heyward Dotson
  Jim McMillian
1970-71 Larry Gordon (honorable mention)
  Elliot Wolfe (honorable mention)
1972-73 Bob Evans
1973-74 Mark Hardaway (second team)
1974-75 Mike Finley (honorable mention)
  Mark Hardaway (honorable mention)
1975-76 Elmer Love (honorable mention)

Alton Byrd

  Ricky Free
  Juan Mitchell (honorable mention)
1977-78 Alton Byrd
  Ricky Free
  Juan Mitchell (honorable mention)
1978-79 Alton Byrd
  Ricky Free (second team)
  Juan Mitchell (second team)
1980-81 Kurt Mahoney (honorable mention)
1981-82 Darren Burnett
  Richie Gordon (honorable mention)
1982-83 Darren Burnett
1983-84 George Meikle (second team)
1984-85 Tom Gwydir (second team)
  Dale Smith (second team)
1985-86 Tom Gwydir
  Sean Couch (honorable mention)

Sean Couch

  Chip Adams (honorable mention)
1987-88 Matt Shannon (honorable mention)
1988-89 Matt Shannon (second team)
1989-90 Matt Shannon (second team)
1990-91 Buck Jenkins
1991-92 Buck Jenkins
  Russ Steward

Buck Jenkins (Player of the Year)

  Tom Casey
1993-94 Jamal Adams (second team)
1995-96 C.J. Thompkins (second team)
1996-97 C.J. Thompkins (second team)
1997-98 Gary Raimondo (second team)
1998-99 Gary Raimondo (second team)
1999-00 Craig Austin

Craig Austin (Player of the Year)

  Chris Wiedemann (honorable mention)
2001-02 Craig Austin (honorable mention)
2003-04 Matt Preston (second team)
2004-05 Matt Preston (second team)
2005-06 John Baumann (second team)
2006-07 John Baumann
2007-08 John Baumann
2008-09 Jason Miller (second team)
2009-10 Noruwa Agho (second team)
2010-11 Noruwa Agho
  Brian Barbour (honorable mention)
2011-12         Brian Barbour

Note:  Players were first team unless otherwise noted. Based on vote of Ivy League head coaches.