NEW YORK – The journey to the College Squash Association National Team Championships has finally arrived for the No. 9 Columbia women's squash team (6-6).The Lions will travel to Princeton, N.J. this weekend to compete for the 2014 Kurtz Cup (B Division) as the top seed in the bracket.. The opening round will feature a match against No. 16 Hamilton on Friday, Feb. 21 at 5 p.m. in Princeton’s Jadwin Squash Courts.

The Lions will play Hamilton College (13-4) for the first time in school history on Friday.

#9 Ranking #14
6-6 Record 13-4
1-6 Ivy League Conference NESCAC

Wesleyan (9-0), Amherst (9-0), F&M (9-0)

Common Wins
Wesleyan (8-1), Amherst (5-4), F&M (5-4)
2-1 (B Division) 11th-place 2013 Finish
2-1 (C Division) 19th-place

If Columbia gets past Hamilton, it will take on the winner of No.13 Drexel and No.12 Bates on Saturday. Live updates will be provided by HERE throughout the weekend.


2014 Kurtz Cup (B Division)
Con Final Con Semi Consolation Teams 1st Rd Semifinal Final
Sun 10:30AM, L, Crts 1,2,10 Sat 2:00PM, P, Crts 8,9,10   Columbia(9) Fri 5:00PM, P, Crts 5,6,7 Sat 4:30PM, P, Crts 1,2,3 Sun 10:30AM, P, Crts 1,2,3
Hamilton (16)
  Drexel (13) Fri 2:30PM, P, Crts 8,9,10
Bates (12)
Sat 4:30PM, P, Crts 8,9,10   George Washington(11) Fri 5:00PM, P, Crts 8,9,10 Sat 4:30PM, P, Crts 5,6,7
Middlebury (14)
  Williams (15) Fri 5:00 PM, P, Crts 1,2,3
Brown (10)

11-12 Playoff: Sun 8:30 AM, P, Crts 4,5,6
15-16 Playoff: Sun 10:30 AM, L, Crts 4,5,6