NEW YORK— On Friday, October 13, the Columbia Athletics Office of Enrichment Services offered the families of Columbia student-athletes a glimpse into the Department’s new Success and Well-Being Initiative. Each year, in conjunction with homecoming weekend, Enrichment Services hosts a Parent Orientation event for the families of student-athletes to become acquainted with various programs at Columbia and people who interact with the Columbia Athletics community.

This year’s Parent Orientation, hosted in Lou Gehrig Lounge, provided an introduction to the Columbia Athletics Success and Well-Being Initiative, which focuses on a holistic approach to the student-athlete experience and promotes personal, academic, and athletic success.

Associate Athletics Director for Championship Performance Dr. Brent Walker and Associate Athletics Director for Enrichment Services Jessica De Palo led a discussion on the new initiative. They spoke of the centralization of support services within the Department and an increased focus on student-athlete stress management, well-being, and resilience.

Walker and De Palo also detailed many of the in-house support services available to Columbia student-athletes, including sport psychology and mental health counseling, sports nutrition, academic support, tutoring, career development, athletic training, sports medicine, and sports performance. 

During the presentation, De Palo mentioned that the goal of the Success and Well-Being Initiative is to create a unified network of services within Columbia Athletics so that student-athletes are supported on every level – athletically, academically, and personally.

“It’s all about putting the student-athletes at the center of everything that we do, focusing not only on academic success and the athletic success of our student-athletes, but also on their personal development,” said De Palo. “We’re really excited about the future of this initiative.”