PRINCETON, N.J.—The Columbia women’s rowing team will compete this weekend at the Ivy League Invitational, held Saturday at Princeton’s Lake Carnegie.


On the day, the Columbia women’s rowing team will compete against against four Ivy League opponents in Yale, Dartmouth, Cornell and Penn.


The event will be lived streamed in two sessions: Morning Session | Afternoon Session.


Two maps attached (team bus parking at Jadwin) and the (finish line on Kingston Road) to help fans find their way around Princeton Saturday.


Posted here is a full listing of schedule events for the Ivy League Invitational tomorrow. Also below is a full listing of Columbia’s projected boatings.




Varsity 8+ in the James T. McMenamin
Cox. Rosie Fatt
8. Laurel Quinones
7. Sabina Maurer
6. Maya Hartleben
5. Charlotte Buck
4. Hannah Juge
3. Maddie Lawn
2. Liza Ray
1. Emily Evans


Second Varsity 8+ in the Class of 2013
Cox. Ivy Huang
8. Caroline Herriman
7. Hailey Todoroff
6. Honor Clements
5. Maryse Suppiger
4. Oriana Marcial
3. Caroline Kaplan
2. Anya Di Salvo
1. Astrid Walker-Stewart


Varsity 4+ in the Harlem Heat
Cox. Christy Abraham
4. Chloe Keating
3. Kayla Abrams
2. Sawyer Norton
1. Nonie Thomas


Third Varsity 8+
Cox. Devon Bernsley
8. Samantha Stehley
7. Anna Beshlian
6. Ruba Nadar
5. Hope Weisman
4. Antigone Ntagkounakis
3. Juliette Larmuseau
2. Anneliese Gallagher
1. Carrie Hay Kellar