NEW YORK—Quarterbacks Josh Bean, Dillon Davis and Ryan Suitt combined to throw for 274 yards and five touchdowns and complete 20 of 34 passes during Columbia Football’s annual spring football game Saturday at Robert K. Kraft Field at Lawrence A. Wien Stadium.


The game featured 66 total plays from scrimmage and was evenly distributed between rushing and passing plays. First-year Bean threw for three touchdowns and 116 yards as he completed 11 of 18 passes. His touchdown throws covered 14, 24 and five yards. First-year Davis completed four of nine passes for 71 yards and a touchdown. Junior Ryan Suitt finished the day with 87 yards passing on five of six completions. The quarterbacks wore red, so the defense was not allowed to deliver a hit.


Columbia’s offense tallied six touchdowns, including five passing scores. On the receiving end, sophomore Ronald Smith registered team-highs for receptions (five) and receiving yards (80) along with a 14-yard touchdown catch, first-year Emerson Kabus caught two touchdown passes of five and one yards respectively and made four receptions for 69 yards, sophomore Josh Wainwright finished the day with three catches for 19 yards and a 14-yard touchdown and sophomore Kaleb Pitts added three catches for 18 yards and a touchdown. First-year tight end Casey Mariucci caught two passes for a combined 75 yards. Sophomore running back Tanner Thomas rushed seven times for 15 yards, while first-year Alexander Filacouris scored Columbia’s lone rushing touchdown, a tough three-yard TD run.


Defensively, Columbia held the Lions’ offense to just 54 yards rushing on 36 carries (1.5 yards per carry). The Lions’ defense intercepted one pass and registered 10 negative yardage plays. First-year Will Allen intercepted a deflected pass and returned it 37 yards.


“We are still a work in progress,” Patricia and Shepard Alexander Head Coach of Football Al Bagnoli said. “Our young quarterbacks need all the work they can get. Our young corners need all the work they can get. The spring is for us to really try to get young kids under a little bit of stress to see what you have. For the most part, we have grown as a team, the young kids have taken another step forward and hopefully this will be a smooth transition heading into fall camp. We still have a lot of work to do, we’re still a team in flux, but we’ll continue to work at it. We’ve done some positive things this spring.”


Bagnoli was pleased with today’s results and the development of his team through 12 spring practices.


“It’s hard to tell without viewing the film,” Bagnoli said. “It gets a little bit tilted because there were a few times our quarterbacks would’ve been hit, but I like our skilled kids offensively. They can catch the ball and that’s a good thing. We’ve gotten better catching the ball from the tight end position with what you saw today from Casey Mariucci. We’re still doing a lot of things. I like the moves that we’ve made on the defensive line to bring Mike Hinton down inside and Ogonna Oraedu down inside to strengthen that area. We are tweaking a lot of things and we’ll look at it and continue to make adjustments. There were enough bright spots today and enough mistakes to point out. It’s exactly where you want to be.”


Bagnoli also spoke about the quarterback position.


“It will be a competition which will go into preseason camp,” he said. “We’ll have 29 fall practices to figure it out. All the young guys have done a nice job. It’s been good for them to get in there, it’s been good to put them in front of the team and it’s good to put them under some stress. They’re all talented kids, so you start off with that. They’re still a work in progress since they’re so young. They all have potential and we will continue to evaluate them.”


After Saturday, the next time Columbia Football will gather for a full practice as a team will be in mid-to-late August. The Lions will welcome the 2018 freshman class in August prior to its season opener at Central Connecticut State on Saturday, Sept. 15.


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In a team meeting prior to the scrimmage, Bagnoli announced the Lions’ 2018 team captains. The four players who will enter the fall as captains are senior defensive back Landon Baty, junior wide receiver Kyle Castner, junior defensive lineman Mike Hinton and senior offensive lineman Markham Paukune. Baty has been named team captain for the second consecutive season. He becomes the first player since Sean Brackett in 2011 and 2012 to be named team captain in back-to-back years. Castner has one more year of eligibility following the 2018 season.


The team voted on captains.


“I thought they were four good choices,” Bagnoli said. “When the voting tally came in, those four were clearly out in front, 30 votes more than the next guys. It’s a good combination of real maturity with two fifth-year players and two four-year players. All four have distinguished themselves.”



Ronald Smith, Junior

Smith caught five passes for a team-high 80 yards and a 14-yard touchdown grab from quarterback Josh Bean. He was disruptive all day long.



Defensive Line

Columbia’s defensive line registered 10 negative yardage plays on the day, mostly on rushing plays. The unit lost three of its four starters to graduation, but had a strong performance Saturday. The entire group consisting of junior captain Mike Hinton, sophomore Daniel DeLorenzi, sophomore Arman Samouk, first-year Cooper Wilson, sophomore LinDon Harris, sophomore Alex Robin, first-year Ogonna Oraedu, first-year Andrew Nichols, sophomore Zach O’Neill, sophomore Taylor Weldon, sophomore Max Mullaney and first-year Josh Kaminski all stepped up throughout Columbia’s 12 spring practices.





Touchdown: Dillon Davis 1-yard TD pass to Emerson Kabus (Oren Milstein PAT)

Touchdown: Josh Bean 14-yard TD pass to Ronald Smith (Oren Milstein PAT)

Touchdown: Alexander Filacouris 3-yard TD run (Chris Alleyne PAT)

Touchdown: Josh Bean 24-yard TD pass to Josh Wainwright (Oren Milstein PAT)

Touchdown: Ryan Suitt 7-yard TD pass to Kaleb Pitts (Chris Alleyne PAT)

Touchdown: Josh Bean 5-yard TD pass to Emerson Kabus (Oren Milstein PAT)



Rushing: Tanner Thomas 7-15; Josh Bean 2-4; Jalen Allen 5-5; Marquavious Moore 4-9; Dillon Davis 1-1; Alexander Filacouris 4-10, TD; Van Neils 2-5; Ryan Suitt 1-5.


Passing: Josh Bean 11-18, 116 yards, 3 TD; Dillon Davis 4-9, 71 yards, TD; Ryan Suitt 5-6, 87 yards, TD, INT; Matt Dame 0-1.


Receiving: Ronald Smith 5-80, TD; Emerson Kabus 4-69, 2 TD; Josh Wainwright 3-19, TD; Kaleb Pitts 3-18, TD; Casey Mariucci 2-75; Kyle Castner 1-6. Note: missing two catches (7 yarder and


Defensive Statistics: Team tackles: 14; Benjamin McKeighan 4 tackles, pass breakup; Jacob Young 4 tackles; Justin Woodley 3 tackles; Alex Robin 3 tackles; Cooper Wilson 3 tackles; Arman Samouk 3 tackles; Sean White 3 tackles; Mike Hinton 3 tackles; Jalen Williams 2 tackles; Cameren Carter 2 tackles; Ian VanDenBerg 2 tackles; Ben Mathiasmeier 2 tackles; Ryan Gilbert 1 tackle, pass breakup; Ogonna Oraedu 1 tackle; Andrew Nichols 1 tackle; LinDon Harris 1 tackle; Cal Falkenhayn 1 tackle; Will Allen, INT, 37-yard return; Note: several tackles missed.




Offensive Starters: Josh Bean (QB), Tanner Thomas (RB), Rory Schlageter (TE), Ronald Smith II (WR), Josh Wainwright (WR), Kyle Castner (WR), Parker Coogan (C), Joseph Scowden (LT), Tyler Schonewolf (RG), Isaac Werkman (RT), Charlie Flores (LG).


Defensive Starters: Daniel DeLorenzi (DL), Arman Samouk (DL), Mike Hinton (DL), Cooper Wilson (DL), Jacob Young (LB), Justin Woodley (LB), Sean White (LB), Benjamin McKeighan (DB), Justin Hill (DB), Ryan Gilbert (DB), Ben Mathiasmeier (DB).




1-10: Tanner Thomas 1-yard run (Team tackle)

2-9: Tanner Thomas 3-yard run (Jacob Young/Justin Woodley tackle)

3-4: Josh Bean 5-yard run (Team tackle)

1-10: Josh Bean pass to Josh Wainwright, -10 yards (Jacob Young/Justin Woodley tackle)

2-20: Josh Bean pass incomplete, broken up by Ryan Gilbert

3-20: Josh Bean 6-yard pass to Kaleb Pitts (Jacob Young tackle)


1-10: Jalen Allen -3 yard run (Alex Robin, Ogonna Oraedu tackle)

2-13: Dillon Davis incomplete pass

3-13: Dillon Davis pass complete, penalty: false start


1-10: Marquavious Moore zero yard gain (Andrew Nichols tackle)

2-10: Dillon Davis 1-yard scramble (Team tackle)

3-9: Dillon Davis 18-yard pass to Emerson Kabus (Team tackle)

1-G: Dillon Davis 1-yard TD pass to Emerson Kabus (Oren Milstein converts PAT)


1-10: Josh Bean pass incomplete (Ronald Smith)

 2-10: Josh Bean -1 yard scramble (Cooper Wilson tackle)

3-11: Josh Bean pass incomplete (Rory Schlageter)


1-10: Tanner Thomas 18-yard run (Benjamin McKeighan/Ryan Gilbert tackle) offensive penalty

1-20: Josh Bean 5-yard pass to Josh Wainwright (Ben Mathiasmeier tackle)

3-15: Josh Bean 23-yard pass to Ronald Smith (Benjamin McKeighan tackle)

1-10: Josh Bean 19-yard pass to Ronald Smith (Benjamin McKeighan tackle)

1-10: Alexander Filacouris 5-yard run (Arman Samouk/Ben Mathiasmeier tackle)

2-5: Alexander Filacouris zero yard run (Mike Hinton/Justin Woodley tackle)

3-5: Josh Bean 4-yard pass to Ronald Smith (Benjamin McKeighan tackle)

4-1: Tanner Thomas 4-yard run (LinDon Harris, Sean White tackle)

1-10: Tanner Thomas -4 yard run (Sean White tackle)

2-14: Josh Bean 14-yard TD pass to Ronald Smith (Oren Milstein converts PAT)


1-10: Jalen Allen 1-yard run (Jalen Williams/Cal Falkenhayn tackle)

2-9: Offsides penalty

3-5: Jalen Allen 4-yard run (Cameren Carter/Alex Robin tackle)

1-10: Dillon Davis 7-yard pass to ????

2-3: Dillon Davis pass to Emerson Kabus 45 yards zig zagged through defense (Team tackle)

1-10: Alexander Filacouris 3-yard TD run (Chris Alleyne converts PAT)


1-10: Dillon Davis pass incomplete

2-10: Marquavious Moore 6-yard run (Alex Robin tackle)

3-4: Marquavious Moore 3-yard run (Cameren Carter tackle)

4-3: Dillon Davis pass incomplete


1-10: Josh Bean pass incomplete

2-10: Josh Bean pass incomplete

3-10: Josh Bean 24-yard TD pass to Josh Wainwright (Oren Milstein converts PAT)


1-10: Tanner Thomas -5 yard run (Arman Samouk/Mike Hinton tackle)

2-15: Josh Bean 6-yard pass to Kyle Castner (Jacob Young/Mike Hinton tackle)

3-9: Josh Bean pass to Ronald Smith, incomplete, pass interference penalty

1-10: Tanner Thomas -2 yard run (Sean White/Cooper Wilson tackle)

2-12: Josh Bean pass incomplete

3-12: Josh Bean pass incomplete to Ronald Smith (Benjamin McKeighan defense)


1-10: Van Neils -5 yard run (Jalen Williams, Ian VanDenberg tackle)

1-15: Dillon Davis 20-yard pass to Ronald Smith (Team tackle)

1-10: Van Neils no gain (Team tackle)

2-10: Dillon Davis pass incomplete

3-10: Dillon Davis pass incomplete up middle


1-10: Ryan Suitt 30-yard pass complete to Casey Mariucci (Team tackle)

1-10: Ryan Suitt 5-yard pass to Kaleb Pitts (Team tackle)

2-G: Jalen Allen run, no gain (Team tackle)

3-G: Ryan Suitt 7-yard TD pass to Kaleb Pitts (Chris Alleyne converts PAT)


1-10: Josh Bean 20-yard pass to Ronald Smith (Team tackle)

1-G: Alexander Filacouris 2-yard run (Cooper Wilson/Arman Samouk tackle)

2-G: Josh Bean 5-yard TD pass to Emerson Kabus (Oren Milstein converts PAT)


1-10: Ryan Suitt pass intercepted by Will Allen, 37-yard return

1-10: Marquavious Moore 1-yard run, offensive penalty

2-20: Ryan Suitt 5-yard scramble run, offensive penalty

1-25: Van Neils 10-yard run (Ian VanDenBerg tackle)

2-15: Suitt 45-yard pass complete to Mariucci (Team tackle)

1-10: Jalen Allen 3-yard run (Team tackle)

2-7: Marquavious Moore 5-yard run (Team tackle)

3-2: Suitt incomplete pass

4-2: Dame incomplete pass