Field Hockey Awards
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All-Ivy League

1999  Florencia Battilana (2nd Team), Nikki Campbell (HM)

2000  Florencia Battilana (1st Team),  Nikki Campbell (2nd Team), Melissa Macomber (HM)

2001  Nikki Campbell (1st Team), Tina Fernandez (2nd Team), Melissa Macomber (HM)

2002  Kate Mansur (HM)

2003  Kate Mansur (2nd Team)

2004  Kate Mansur (1st Team), Liz Reeve (HM)

2005  Erin Wesseldine (2nd Team), Ramie Merrill (HM), Kim Branich (HM)

2006  Ramie Merrill (1st Team), Megan Davidson (2nd Team)

2007  Megan Davidson (1st Team), Gena Miller (1st Team), Julia Garrison (2nd Team)

2008  Megan Davidson (1st Team), Julia Garrison (2nd Team), Christine Buszczak (HM)

2009  Julia Garrison (2nd Team), Katie DeSandis (HM), Leti Freaney (HM)

2010  Gabby Kozlowski (1st Team), Julia Garrison (2nd Team)

2011  Leti Freaney (1st Team), Gabby Kozlowski (1st Team), Christie O'Hara (1st Team), Carson Christus (2nd Team), Katie DeSandis (2nd Team), Paige Simmons (HM)

2012  Katie DeSandis (1st Team), Gabby Kozlowski (1st Team), Bridget DeSandis (2nd Team), Paige Simmons (2nd Team)

 HM = Honorable Mention

NFHCA All-Region

2004  Kate Mansur (2nd Team)

2005  Erin Wesseldine (2nd Team)

2006  Ramie Merrill (1st Team) Megan Davidson (2nd Team)

2007  Megan Davidson (1st Team), Gena Miller (1st Team)

2008  Megan Davidson (1st Team)

2009  Hannah Smith (2nd Team)

2010  Gabby Kozlowski (2nd Team)

2011  Gabby Kozlowski (2nd Team), Christie O'Hara (2nd Team)

2012  Gabby Kozlowski (1st Team), Katie DeSandis (2nd Team)


2007  Gena Miller '09CC (3rd team Women's Field, 3rd team NFHCA)

Ivy League Rookie of the Year

2007  Julia Garrison '11CC


Academic All-Ivy League

1996  Jessica Brewer, '97SEAS

1997  Sara Brubaker, '00BC

1998  Ellen Werner, '01CC

1999  Cameo Roehrich, '02CC

2000  Florencia Battilana '01CC

2001  Cameo Roehrich '02CC

2002  Maureen White '05CC

2003  Maureen White '05CC

2004  Erin Wesseldine '06CC

2005  Erin Wesseldine '06CC

2006  Megan Davidson '09CC

2007  Megan Davidson '09CC, Gena Miller '09CC

2008  Megan Davidson '09CC

2009  Hannah Smith '11CC

2010  Julia Garrison '11CC

2011  Paige Simmons '13CC

2012  Katie DeSandis '13CC, Paige Simmons '13CC

NFHCA All-Academic Team Award

2004  Columbia University

2005  Columbia University

2006 Columbia University

2007 Columbia University

2008  Columbia University

2009  Columbia University

2010 Columbia University

2011 Columbia University


NFHCA National Academic Squad

2005  Megan Davidson, Jackie Klatsky, Ashley McMasters, Gena Miller, Jacqui Munro, Courtney Robinson, Kelly Robinson, Erin Wesseldine

2006  Kaitlyn Busler, Christine Buszczak, Megan Davidson, Ashley McMasters, Gena Miller, Jacqui Munro,

2007  Kaitlyn Busler, Catherine Campbell, Megan Davidson, Julie Hatchett, Jackie Klatsky, Gena Miller, Caitlin Mullins, Hannah Smith

2008 Rebecca Barrett, Lauren Byrne, Kaitlyn Busler, Catherine Campbell, Carson Christus, Megan Davidson, Janelle Greene, Julie Hatchett, Jackie Klatsky, Gena Miller, Caitlin Mullins, Jacqui Munro, Desi Scherf, Hannah Smith

2009  Kaitlyn Busler, Christine Buszczak, Catherine Campbell, Julie Hatchett, Rebecca Barrett, Lauren Byrne, Julia Garrison, Caitlin Mullins, Hannah Smith, Janelle Greene, Molly Andrews, Christie O'Hara, Desi Scherf, Paige Simmons

2010  Molly Andrews, Rebecca Barrett, Lauren Byrne, Carson Christus, Danielle Cosentino, Julia Garrison, Janelle Greene, Caitlin Mullins, Creaghan Peters, Desi Scherf, Paige Simmons, Hannah Smith, Anna Tichy

2011  Molly Andrews, Zoe Blake, Carson Christus, Danielle Cosentino, Bridget DeSandis, Kyle Marsh, Creaghan Peters, Mary Robertson, Desi Scherf, Marlee Silverstein, Paige Simmons


Field Hockey Award
The Field Hockey Award is given annually to the player, selected by her teammates, who has contributed the most to elevate the level of the Columbia University Field Hockey program.

1996 Jessica Brewer '97SEAS

1997 Sara Brubaker '00BC

1997 Natalie Hubbard '98CC

1998 Ellen Werner '01CC

1999 Florencia Battilana '01CC

1999 Lindsay Morgan '00CC

1999 Daira Tramontin '00CC

2000 Florencia Battilana '01CC

2001 Nikki Campbell '02CC

2002 Katie Rose Thornton '03CC

2003 Megan Hughes '04CC

2004 Maureen White '05CC

2005 Courtney Robinson '06CC

2006 Ramie Merrill '07CC

2007 Liz Reeve '08CC

2008 Megan Davidson '09CC

2009 Christine Buszczak '10CC

2010 Caitlin Mullins '11CC

2011 Katie DeSandis '13CC

Lion Pride Award

The Lion Pride award was established in 2005 and is awarded to the player who best exemplifies the characteristics of Perseverance, Respect, Intensity, Dedication and Effort, not only on the field, but in the classroom and community.

2005 Erin Wesseldine  '06CC

2006 Megan Davidson '09CC

2007 Megan Davidson '09CC

2008 Megan Davidson '09CC

2009 Jane Gartland '10CC

2010 Hannah Smith '11CC

2011 Desi Scherf '12CC