This course is for people who have never paddled before or for those who have paddled only flatwater and want to learn about whitewater boating. The course is also structured for people having whitewater experience in a canoe who want to try a kayak. You will learn the basic of paddling: equipment, stroke technique, river maneuvers, water safety, rescue procedures, and the "Eskimo Roll". The course runs six sessions, each class consisting of a 1 hour lecture followed by a 1-1/2 hour pool session. Classroom sessions will cover water safety and discussion of technique, aided by video and slide presentations. Pool sessions will involve demonstration and practice of the basic techniques. The course will end with an outdoor beginner trip to a local area river. The only requirement for the class is the ability to pass a swimming test, which will be given at the introductory session. The initial meeting will be held on Thursday, September 15th at 8 p.m. in the Lou Gehrig Lounge. The course fee is $200.