Welcome to the Dodge Physical Fitness Center
Courtesy: Columbia University Athletics
Whatever your fitness or recreational goals may be, we at the Dodge Fitness Center welcome you to explore our divers programs and comprehensive facilities. Whether your interests guide you toward fitness improvement, lifetime sports, or wellness and recreation, the Dodge Fitness Center community has an offering that is right for you.

Our instructional classes offer a wide range of activities including yoga, kickboxing, kayaking, and squash. If you are interested in a highly personalized approach to fitness our qualified staff of personal trainers will tailor a program to help you achieve your wellness goals.

We welcome you to pursue your fitness, wellness and recreational goals as a member of the Dodge Fitness Center at Columbia University.

Here is more information about our programs:

Dodge Fitness Center Membership:

For most students on Morningside Heights campus, access membership is already included in their tuition bill. However, students in Health Sciences, ALP, M&F and PhD programs are subject to a semester access fee.

The basic membership for employees, associates, scholars, alumni and neighbors includes the usage of a temporary locker and towel service. Official Columbia neighbors include students, staff or faculty from Union Theological Seminary, Jewish Theological Seminary, Manhattan School of Music, St. Luke’s Hospital, Bank Street College and St. John The Divine.


Required Physical Education:

The Required Program Services the Columbia College and Engineering students at Columbia University. These students have a two semester Physical Education degree requirement and may elect to take one or two additional terms of Physical Education for academic credit. If space is available, undergraduate General Studies students are permitted to take courses in the Required Program. Other members of the Fitness Center are encouraged to take courses offered in the Voluntary Program.


Voluntary Physical Education:

Includes list of course offerings and decriptions for 2007.


Club Sports:

Club Sports are formed by groups of individuals sharing a common athletic interest, who organize and collectively pursue activities. Club Sports are open to all university students, faculty, staff, adminstration and alumni. Clubs are organized on recreational, instructional, and competitive levels, and their activities range from informal play to regular practice or instruction, to intercollegiate and tournament competition.


The Columbia University Intramural Sports Program is designed to compliment the academic goals of the university by encouraging the physical, social and emotional growth of individuals. Columbia Intramurals strive to provide a healthy outlet from everyday stress through competitive activities conducted in a safe environment.

Intramural Sports offer team, dual and individual sports in tournament or league play for Men’s, Women’s and Co-Rec. divisions.

Includes information on all of Columbia's summer sports camps for 2007.

Our trainers are among the top fitness professionals in NYC. With careful attention to your personal history and goals, we design and implement for you not only an effective workout regimen, but an improved and healthier way of life! Our personal trainers are skilled in the technical aspect of physical fitness as well as in the art of creating a comfortable and non-intimidating environment for each and every client regardless of age, ability or goals.

Whether your focus is on losing weight, gaining muscle, increasing flexibility, or training for your favorite sport or hobby, our personal trainers are able to give you creative yet concise workout plans to help you achieve your goals in a safe and effective manner.