Salt Lake City, Utah    Columbia fencers brought the heat to Salt Lake City, Utah bringing home four gold, three silver and four bronze medals this weekend from the Summer Challenge. Lions also accounted for four additional top-8 finishes.

The Division I Women’s Foil podium was owned by Columbia, with Nzingha Prescord '15CC capturing gold, Jackie Dubrovich '16CC earning silver and Nicole Ross '13CC and Jessie Laffey ‘17BC tying for Bronze.


Rising Sophomore Giana Vierheller also shined, capturing a silver medal in Division I and a gold in Junior Women’s Epee. Rising senior Lena Johnson posted a bronze medal finish in women’s sabre.


The incoming class of Lions was well presented with Sylvie Binder taking home gold in Junior Women’s Foil and Dawson Sieradsky earning Bronze in Junior Men’s Sabre.


Div 1 Men's Epee (121 Fencers) 

Gabe Canaux - 6th


DIV 1 Men's Foil (122 Fencers)

Adam Mathieu '16CC - Silver 

Sidarth Kumbla (incoming) - 5th

Sam Moelis - 9th

Nolen Scruggs - 13th


DIV 1 Men's Sabre (93 Fencers) 

Jeff Spear '10CC- Gold

Geoff Loss CC ’16CC - 9th

Michael Costin '17CC - 10th

Will Spear  '15CC - 13th


DIV 1 Women's Epee (83 Fencers) 

Giana Vierheller - Silver  

Kenya Plenty (incoming) 24th


D1 Women's Foil (96 Fencers)

Nzingha Prescod '15CC - Gold

Jackie Dubrovich '16CC - Silver

Nicole Ross '13CC  - Bronze 

Jessie Laffey  '17CC - Bronze 

Sylvie Binder (Incoming)- 9th

Iman Blow - 12th


D1 Women's Sabre (66 Fencers)

Lena Johnson - Bronze 

Violet Michel - 10th


Junior Men's Foil (268 Fencers)

Sam Moelis - 6th

Sidarth Kumbla (incoming)- 18th


Junior Men's Sabre (216 Fencers)

Dawson Sieradzky (Incoming)- Bronze 

Joe Cohen (Incoming) - 5th


Junior Women's Epee (191 Fencers)

Giana Vierheller - Gold


Junior Women's Foil (185 Fencers)

Sylvie Binder (Incoming) - Gold


Junior Women's Sabre (159 Fencers)

Violet Michel - 9th­