NEW YORK— Columbia’s past and present fencers were all over the leader boards this weekend as the 2017-18 world cup fencing season began.


At the Women’s Foil World Cup in Mexico, Jackie Dubrovich ’16CC Margaret Lu ’17CC and Nicole Ross ’13CC made up three of the four USA fencers that led the team to a bronze medal in the women’s foil team event.

In the individual competition with 118 fencers Nicole Ross ’13CC placed 6th, Jackie Dubrovich ’16CC came in 25th, first-year Sylvie Binder place 28th and Margaret Lu finished in 34th place.

Fencers also competed at the North American Cup across the coast in Anaheim. First-year Sidarth Kumbla gave Columbia fans a reason to be excited, earning a silver medal in individual men’s foil.


Junior Calvin Liang fenced into the top-8 and earned 7th place and Michael Costin ’17CC placed ninth in individual men’s sabre.

Jake Hoyle ’16CC came in 7th place and senior Gabe Canaux finished 18th in individual men’s epee.

Women’s Foil World Cup Cancun, Mexico (118 Fencers)

6th – Nicole Ross ’13CC

25th – Jackie Dubrovich ’16CC

28th – Sylvie Binder

34th – Margaret Lu ’17CC

59th – Iman Blow


Top 32 Results North American Cup Anaheim, Los Angeles


Division I Men’s Epee (290 Fencers)

7th – Jake Hoyle ’16CC

18th – Gabe Canaux


Division I Men’s Sabre (181 Fencers)

7th – Calvin Liang

9th – Michael Costin 17CC

23rd – Andrew Doddo

26- Dawson Sieradzky


Division I Women’s Epee (164 Fencers)

17th – Audrey Yun


Division I Men’s Foil (196 Fencers)

2nd – Sidarth Kumbla

19th  – Sam Moelis

21st – Adam Mathieu ’16CC