NEW YORK – The Columbia wrestling team took some time out of its busy schedule this past weekend to assist Beat the Streets and local high schools in hosting the 2014 NYC Mayor’s Cup Wrestling Championships.

The Mayor’s Cup is a series of 11 sporting events that student-athletes of all ages from across all five boroughs compete in year-round to determine the city’s best athletes. Beat the Streets, an organization that Columbia wrestling has worked with in the past, was also present at the event. Beat the Streets mission is to develop the full human and athletic potential of the Urban Youth and to Strength the Culture of New York City Wrestling. They provide an opportunity for urban youth in NYC to discover the sport of wrestling, using it as an opportunity to build character.

“We were very excited to have a chance to work with Beat the Streets and the NYC schools,” said Andrew F. Barth Head Coach of Wrestling Carl Fronhofer. “It was a great opportunity for our athletes to give back to the local wrestling community.”

Columbia’s Levien Gymnasium played host to the wrestling championships of the Mayor’s Cup Jan. 25-26. Columbia grapplers assisted in the pre-event set-up, in-match scoring and all other duties assigned throughout the competition. The two day-event featured 240 young athletes from throughout the city competing to be known as the “Best in the City.”