Check in here throughout the first round of the NCAA tournament for updates, photos and insights from the Columbia men's tennis team, as they prepare to take on VCU, Saturday, May 13 at 9 a.m.! 



Day Two - Friday, May 11

8 a.m. - Breakfast. 


The view from breakfast. 

Nate's thoughts on our first breakfast in Virgina:

"Now THIS is breakfast."

"This omelet was GREAT. That guy is such a professional. I tipped him. Look, he even cleans his equipment between uses!"

"Where are we? It looks like we're eating breakfast in a forest... I like it."

9 a.m. - Practice 

Tiz  Max

Tiz and Max get a quick nap in before practice.


Our sweet rides.

9:45 a.m. - The Khalafs arrive! 


Assistant Coach Amin Khalaf ready to go!


The three coaches reunited and ready to coach the Lions to victory!

ball tricks

Practicing racquet skills.


Amin gets in on the action.

After a quick lunch, the team had a break at the hotel, for a couple hours of rest before afternoon practice. 


3 p.m. - Afternoon practice!

H and R

Senior co-captains Haig Schneiderman and Rajeev Deb-Sen are here! (Along with Max's leg.)



Nate demonstrates the importance of proper sun protection with his stylish Columbia blue pants (cinched at the ankle, of course), and sunscreen



Bert chillin pre-practice!



Even his own teammates can't resist the Linsanity.



Don't worry, Haig brought the headband. Game on.



The team, getting the warm-up started.


Tizian sleeping, because... apparently... when not playing tennis, that's all he does.


The team got a cool down in at the hotel pool, and a hundred showers and hours later, the Lions were off to dinner in downtown Charlottesville. On the way, they picked up some fans: 



L to R: Eric Jacobs, Sam Gelb and Marc Lemann! (Eating ice cream.)

Not pictured: Theodore Marin


Some serious carbo-loading later, and the team was ready to hit the sack. An early breakfast is on the schedule, following by the big match with VCU! Stay tuned for more pictures up until the match starts. 




Day One - Thursday, May 10

9:30 am - LGA -> CHO

A quick two hour flight, and most of the Columbia men's tennis team is in Charlottesville, Va.! Nathaniel Gery, Tizian Bucher, Winston Lin, Ashok Narayana, Max Schnur and Bert Vancura made the trip today with head coach Bid Goswami and associate head coach Howard Endelman. Senior co-captains Rajeev Deb-Sen and Haig Schneiderman will join the group Friday, once their final exams are over. 

Here are some quick photo highlights from day one in Virginia! 


Jersey Mike's

Lunch at Jersey Mike's



Check-in at the hotel, with a quick nap for the guys before practice.




At the Snyder Tennis Center for practice.



The ever-impartial Howard Endelman in the umpire's chair...


And serving up winners on the court!


Max Schnur, making questionable line calls during practice. 


Head Coach Bid Goswami gets in on the doubles action!


Dinner by the courts. 

The Lions finished day one with a quiet night in the hotel, ready for a full day of tennis on Friday.