Columbia Football Week in Review, April 26, 2014

By Inside Lion

The Columbia football coaches will move on to the next phase of the offseason when their three-week recruiting trips start next week. Each coach has a certain number of states they are responsible for recruiting, and on the upcoming trips, they will get to meet with the coaches and school administrators of high school athletes they have identified as potential prospects in the class of 2015.

While the assistant coaches are scattered across the country to get what is often their first in-person look at some of their recruits, head coach Pete Mangurian will make visits and study tape of recruits the coaches have already identified as serious candidates while the staff is on the road.

Before the assistant coaches depart on their individual trips, they will finish making teach-tape cut-ups so the players can do film work on their own while the staff is away. This allows the Lions to focus on the specifics of their position. They can take what they learned in the spring, study it on their own and be more critical of themselves and their teammates.

The teaching cut-ups are broken down from the big picture schemes all the way to individual drills. The players can watch how a specific play should be run against any look they saw in spring or they can study one-on-one drills or specific position drills, like tackling for linebackers or route running for receivers.

These teach-tapes will also be used over the summer to teach the incoming freshmen the schemes that were installed during spring practices. Once the recruiting trips are done in May, the attention will shift to preparation for the summer.