Update on Columbia Football

There will be an update on Columbia Football on gocolumbialions.com released every Tuesday evening in 2013.  The features will include updates on the team's off-season workouts, dates to remember and other team information that will keep you in the know about the Columbia Football program!

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The Gold Dinner was hosted at Carmine's on West 44th Street this past Thursday, and the family style Italian restaurant never seems to disappoint. We decided to go back to the format used by the Lions in the 1970s, when the first Gold Dinner was held at Mamma Leone's. We had great representation from Lions graduating in the 60s, 70s, 80s, and 90s. Our honored speaker was Chandler Bocklage CC'00.  Chandler is from an era of alums we value getting back into the fold. This program is about the people in it - the players that are here, the players we have recruited and the players that came before. Each generation learns from the last.

This Week

Now that we are getting settled into The Campbell Sports Center, we are in the process of laying out a community outreach plan that will engage not only the Columbia community, but create a relationship with our neighborhood.  We are excited to be in Inwood and Coach Mangurian has been busy meeting regarding our involvement efforts. We welcome your advice and if you have any community service suggestions please tweet @gocolumbialionsfb and use the hashtag #LionsInInwood. You can also email your suggestions directly to columbialionsfootball@gmail.com.

Break before Spring Ball

It's the week before spring break and the team is looking forward to getting some R&R after eight weeks of strength and conditioning. The hard work is undoubtedly paying off, making the 6 a.m. wake up calls  four times a week worthwhile.  The players will get a week of rest, and when they return we'll let you know their testing results and changes in body composition. Coach Cidzik's program in the weight room has had a huge impact on our team and we are excited to share the results.

Our new Defensive Coordinator, Coach Rippon, along with the rest of our Defense, are meeting continuously to review film, evaluate and implement in preparation for Spring ball and the 2013 season.

The practice schedule is set for Spring Ball and we will continue to practice in the morning three days a week. Our main focus and goals are to improve our individual technique and Football I.Q.

The Facts Are Coming

We continue to have exciting things happening within our program and the next few posts will be packed with announcements. Here's what you can expect in the upcoming weeks:

March 26th: Spring prospectus about our current players

•    Coach Mangurian will review personnel and comment on each player going into Spring Training. Hear his thoughts on each position and what our expectations are for our current Lions.

•    Breakdown of the results our Lions achieved in the weight room this winter, including body composition and testing results.

April 2nd: (drumroll please.....) The Release of our 2013 Recruiting Class!!

•    We will be doing something different this year to introduce our Incoming Lions and we look forward to sharing our talented recruiting class with you.