Columbia Football Week in Review, April 5, 2014: Training Camp Prep

By Inside Lion

Training camp for the Columbia football team may be four months away, but the Lions coaching staff is already looking ahead to August. Head Coach Pete Mangurian has already created the camp schedule leading up to the team’s opening game against Fordham.

The Ivy League allows 29 actual practices within 35 “practice units” prior to its members’ first games. Practice units are calculated by a complicated NCAA formula which varies from institution to institution based on the start date of classes. For Columbia, 35 practice units equates to 30 days prior to the first game.

Training camp will open with an administrative day on August 20, followed by 10 straight days of practice. The team will not be in pads, however, for the first five days of camp.

When classes begin, two-a-day practices are discontinued, therefore all of Columbia’s two-a-days fall within those first 10 days of camp. Coach Mangurian also put three special teams practices into the schedule, which are typically lighter than a normal practice, and two of those fall in the first 10 days to help get the players some rest while they work.

After that opening stretch of camp, the Lions will have every Sunday off before the first game along with a day off on September 2 for the first day of classes.

The last two full weeks of practice are meant to represent a game week. The first allows the coaches to work out any kinks with the players’ schedules that might arise, while the second will be a true game week leading up to opening day.

Coach Mangurian set the schedule four months in advance because the coaches are already working on installation for training camp. The staff is starting to plan out each individual practice schedule while the offensive and defensive coordinators are working together to figure out what plays, formations and schemes their units will need to see. By having a set schedule in hand, the coaches can map out exactly how they want training camp to progress down to the day.