Columbia Football Week in Review May 24, 2014

By Inside Lion

The staff is now evaluating each of the dozens of prospects they visited over the last three weeks. The goal is to create a master board of recruits that will give the Lions an early glimpse at what the class of 2015 will potentially look like and help them identify key recruits moving forward.

Before starting their visits across the country, each coach started this process by building their own individual recruiting boards made up of athletes from their given recruiting areas. Each coach has a set of states to recruit and every state, is covered by the staff. They created a profile for each prospect they planned to visit, which included contact information, academic standing, test scores, measurables, film links and school information among other items. Any holes in these profiles were then filled during the visits to the recruits’ schools through talking with coaches and guidance counselors.

This week, the coaches started moving their top prospects’ profiles onto the Lions’ master board for the rest of the staff to view. The profiles also had to include a detailed evaluation of the recruits’ strengths, weaknesses and intangibles based on their high school film and their projected college position.

As the prospects’ profiles were added to the master board, their projected position coach, the offensive or defensive coordinator and head coach Pete Mangurian wrote their own evaluations to compare to the ones written by the recruiting coach. No coach can see another coach’s evaluation until all evaluations are completed. If the coaches all generally agreed on the various aspects of the evaluations, that player would be locked into the master board and the staff would move onto their next recruits. If there was disagreement, the coaches would meet to discuss what each of them saw on film and decide how to grade that athlete moving forward.

As more players continue to be added to the board, the staff will start to rank the players both overall and by position. This allows the staff to determine which of their recruits will be major priorities as the recruiting process continues.

These rankings, of course, are subject to change as the year goes on. The staff is focusing on getting as many of their recruits as possible to the upcoming summer camps and junior days. Those camps will be key in helping some recruits jump up the master board as they prove themselves on the field but will also give the prospects a feel for the coaches and campus life at Columbia as they determine their interest in the Lions program.

“Objective evaluation is the most important part of building our roster. We are being objective about our current players as well as the incoming class,” Mangurian said. “Obviously those players are all at different points in their development, so we project where a player can be when he reaches his peak.  We are continuing to recruit players who can create competition for playing time.  A good class will challenge for spots at all levels of the roster. We are aware of our competition, but we are focused on improving our own roster in terms of quality and depth.”