Update on Columbia Football

There will be an update on Columbia Football on gocolumbialions.com released every Tuesday evening in 2013.  The features will include updates on the team's off-season workouts, dates to remember and other team information that will keep you in the know about the Columbia Football program!


Short and Sweet

This update might be short, but its packed with exclusive information.  If you have questions you want answered on the Tuesday Update - tweet us! @columbialionsfb and use the hashtag #TuesdayUpdate.


Captains Announced

You heard it here first! The 2013 Columbia Football Captains have been announced!  As you know, Coach Mangurian uses a Captains Table - which includes offensive and defensive representation from each class.  This year's captains are (in alphabetical order by class):


Hamilton Garner

Marcorus Garrett

Zach Olinger



Augie Braddock

Connor Nelligan

Chad Washington



Kevin McCarthy

Trevor McDonagh

Niko Padilla

Travis Reim

Congratulations to all the captains!!!



Just for those who follow the Tuesday Update, here is the Columbia Football Highlight Film!  Check out all your favorite moments from the 2012 season. The film was previewed for the first time at the Columbia Football Awards Banquet.




May 4, 2013                      Final Spring Ball Practice

Saturday                          Robert K. Kraft Field at Lawrence A. Wien Stadium

May 6, 2013                      Columbia Football Golf Outing

Monday                            Hackensack Country Club, Hackensack, NJ