NEW YORK - Coach Mangurian shared his post-game thoughts of Columbia's 21-16 loss to Dartmouth.

On the Defense:

"Our number one goal was to stop #29.  et the edge so they couldn't get around the corner.  When we did that, it was effective.  Our second goal was to stop #84.  We had some success.  They had to us some secondary receivers, but they went to him on the first play of the second half.  They had some significant yards after the catch, which is something we need to work on.

Overall I thought we played hard the entire game.  We played physical.  We got turnovers for the offense and gave them opportunities, which is what good defenses do.  

There are times where we could have tighter coverage, but Dartmouth also made some great catches.  This is a game of inches and they made those inches count.  In the 31-yard pass to open the second half, Reim (Travis) was right there. Inches made a difference.  We have to work on playing in the pressure of the moment."


On the Offense:

"We needed to handle the front four better.  We started out shaky trying to run the football.  I thought it was important to keep working at the run game to open options in the passing game.  I thought we rushed right into the middle and played into their strength sometimes.

I thought Billy Lawrence played well.  I was proud of his effort.  He made some mistakes, which we will work on, but overall I thought it was a good effort.  

It is hard to execute the offense without great quarterback play.  Sean (Brackett) was not very consistent.  He made some good plays and he also missed a wide-open receiver on a touchdown. We missed a big play, but on our touchdown drive, he made some big plays.  We have to be more consistent.

I thought our pass protection was spotty at best. I was disappointed in the play on the left side of the line. Up until the two-minute mark I thought our pass protection was improving.  We became undisciplined in the pass as the game wore on.  We didn't handle playing better (at Penn) well.  I was disappointed in our improvement/growth."



"I know positives tend to get lost in the final outcome, but there were positives.  We came back and took a lead.  We found a way to get a drive going and get a score when we needed one.  I was disappointed in our two-minute performance for the second week.  That is something we will continue to work on."  


Moving Forward:

"We've had a lot of first-years in the lineup the first six games.  We are going to get the younger players some game experience, which is consistent with our primary goal of improving our football team.  We can accomplish more with four weeks of live football than just 12 days of practice in the spring. 

With Gross healthy and Keefe back, we will look for those guys with Hollis and McDonagh to get reps.  We will have a set rotation to get them in the game as field position and situtations dictate."