New Year, New Features

Beginning January 2013, there will be an update on Columbia Football on released every Tuesday evening.  The features will include updates on the team's off-season workouts, dates to remember and other team information that will keep you in the know about the Columbia Football program.


We know recruiting is what everyone wants to know about! Our recruiting process is in full swing.  We have already hosted two recruiting weekends and plan to have two more.  We are so lucky to have a number of our outstanding faculty and University leadership involved in recruiting process. Our number one goal in recruiting is to create competition.  We will do that with this class. We are very pleased with where we are right now.

Meet the Pride of Morningside

One of Coach Mangurian's first priorities when he arrived on Morningside Heights was get the campus community involved with the Columbia Football program. Coach Mangurian has a solid group of University Leadership, faculty and staff that are involved in many facets of the Columbia Football Program. Columbia's faculty, staff and University Leadership were excited to be involved.

Here are the member's of Coach Mangurian's Morningside Pride!

CHRIS BROWN, Professor, History

VIRGINIA CORNISH, Helena Rubinstein Professor of Chemistry

SALLY DAVIDSON, Lecturer in Discipline, Economics

SUSAN ELMES, Lecturer in Discipline, Economics

SUSAN K. FEAGIN, Special Advisor to the President

LA-VERNA FOUNTAIN, Associate Vice President Capital Project Management; Lecturer in Continuing Education

ROBERT FRIEDMAN, Professor, Mathematics

FRANCES GONZALEZ, Assistant Manager, Undergraduate Housing

PATRICIA GRIEVE, Nancy and Jeffrey Marcus Professor of the Humanities

CHUCK HAILEY, Pupin Professor of Physics

TORY HIGGINS, Stanley Schachter Professor of Psychology and Professor of Business

JOHN HUBER, Professor and Chair, Department of Political Science

PETER JOHNSON, Director of Undergraduate Admissions

JESSICA MARINACCIO, Dean of Undergraduate Admissions & Financial Aid /Associate Dean of Student Affairs

DAVID MARTIN, General Manager, Faculty House/University Event Management

PAM MASON, Sr. Associate Director, Financial Aid

JIM McMENAMIN, Director of Principal Gifts

PABLO PICCATO, Professor, History

JAMES SHAPIRO, Larry Miller Professor of English and Comparative Literature

ANDREW SMYTH, Professor, Civil Engineering & Engineering Mechanics

JACK LEWIS SNYDER, Robert and Renee Belfer Professor of International Relations

RENE TESTA, Professor of Civil Engineering and Engineering Mechanical

JIM VALENTINI, Dean of Columbia College, Henry L. and Lucy G. Moses Professor, and Vice President for Undergraduate Education

GREG WAWRO, Professor, Political Science

KATHRYN YATRAKIS, Dean of Academic Affairs and Senior Associate Vice President for Arts and Sciences


Did You Know?

You want to know every single incoming first-year's name right this instant, don't you? Unfortunately, that can't happen. In the Ivy League there are rules pertaining to when schools can release names of incoming student-athletes.  Since there is no letter of intent, the rules are a bit different.

The rule has different layers to it, but in short, at Columbia, a prospective student-athlete is considered "signed" when they send back their signed admission statement and they have paid their deposit. We are unable to comment on student-athlete commitments until that time.  Coach Mangurian will not release names until the entire class is complete and have paid their deposits.


Spring Ball

Mark your calendars! The last practice of spring ball will be Saturday, May 4.