BLUE ZONE - Game is Sold Out!
Courtesy: Columbia University Athletics

This Saturday's Men's Basketball game vs. Bucknell at 7 PM in Levien Gymnasium is SOLD-OUT! Standing Room Only tickets will be available for purchase starting at 6 PM on Saturday in Levien Lobby.

During this game, Columbia Athletics is proud to partner with the Herbert Irving Comprehensive Cancer Center (HICCC) to host BLUE ZONE - PROSTATE CANCER AWARENESS NIGHT.

As part of this important evening, half of all ticket proceeds will be donated to prostate cancer research at the HICCC. Also, donations will be collected at the game. All fans are encouraged to join us in this promotion and attend this special game wearing COLUMBIA BLUE!

We need your help. Get your Standing Room Only seats on Saturday at 6 PM in Levien Lobby.

Did you know...

Prostate cancer is one of the most common cancers in American men. Genetics and age play a role in its development.

By age 50, one-third of American men have microscopic signs of prostate cancer, and by age 75, half to three-quarters of men's prostates will have cancerous changes. Most of these cancers either remain latent, producing no signs or symptoms, or they are so slow-growing, or indolent, that they never become a serious threat to health.

There are over two million American men currently living with prostate cancer.

African-American men have the world's highest incidence of prostate cancer-a third higher than white Americans. By contrast, Asian immigrants to the United States have much lower rates.

Prostate cancer can grow quietly for years, which means most men with the disease have no obvious symptoms. When symptoms finally appear, they often are similar to those caused by prostate enlargement: difficulty urinating; a weak stream; a frequent urge to urinate, especially during the night; painful or burning urination; blood in the urine.