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L to R: Ollin Dunford, Stephanie Glance and Sheila Roux
Courtesy: Columbia University Athletics/Brock Malone

Women’s Basketball Rises to the #Chillin4Charity Challenge

NEW YORK – Called out by their colleagues from around the country, the Columbia women’s basketball staff completed the cold water challenge as part of the #Chillin4Charity fundraiser to support the Kay Yow Foundation Friday, June 20. Check out the video above to watch head coach Stephanie Glance and assistant coaches Sheila Roux and Ollin Dunford complete their portion of the challenge and call out the next set of coaches that have put up to the task of a cold water bath.

Head coach Stephanie Glance has challenged: Jenny Palmateer (Monmouth), Sylvia Hatchell (North Carolina), Jim Davis (Tennessee Tech), Debbie Antonelli (analyst), Belle Koclanes (Dartmouth) and Holly Warlick (Tennessee).

Associate head coach Sheila Roux has challenged: Lindsay Schultz (Bradley), Lindsay Weiss (Bradley), Adam DeJoode (Northern Iowa) and Bred Nelson (Northern Iowa)

Assistant coach Ollin Dunford has challenged: Jenna Burkett (High Point), Kevin Nicholls (High Point), Megan Hall (Campbell) and John Marcum (East Carolina)

The cold water challenge is initiated when a head coach, an assistant coach or a women’s basketball student-athlete athlete agrees have a bucket of ice water poured on their head. In turn they get to challenge their respective colleagues around the country to also complete the challenge. Below are the complete rules.

Cold Water Challenge Rules - Online Rules
-All parties have 48 hours from the release to answer the challenge
-Please use the hashtags: #Chillin4Charity and #Play4Kay

Head Coaches
-Any coach that doesn’t answer the challenge, owes the Kay Yow Foundation $250
-For each coach that answers the challenge, the original challenger will owe the Kay Yow Foundation $50

Assistant Coaches
-Any coach that does not answer the challenge will owe the Kay Yow Foundation $100
-For each coach that answers the challenge, each assistant will owe the Kay Yow Foundation $25

-Any player that does not answer the challenge will owe five hours of community service
-For each player that does answer the challenge, each Arizona player will owe two hours of community service

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