On the Prowl with Keli Leong '09CC
Courtesy: Columbia University Athletics/Gene Boyars

Keli Leong '09CC

Keli Leong is a rising junior on the softball team and an All-Ivy League selection in 2007. This past season, she broke the single-season batting average mark at Columbia (.348) and runs scored (29) and became the first Lion to post consecutive 50-hit seasons.

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Why softball:
Softball is such a fun, challenging sport and there are so many different aspects to the game. Players have to be multidimensional because there’s so much more than just hitting, fielding, and running. I love the mentality of a softball player because so much strategy goes into every pitch and every play. Most of all, I love the sport because of the people I meet and the experiences we share.

Best softball moment at Columbia: The best softball moment I have experienced so far was last year’s game against Fairfield. Maiya [Chard-Yaron] pitched the school’s first no-hitter and I hit my first collegiate home run. It was extra special because my mom was visiting that weekend from California and she got to see it all.

If you could travel anywhere in the world, where would it be:
Wherever there is a Disney theme park. So right now the list includes Paris, Tokyo and Hong Kong.

Funniest road trip experience: During this year’s Spring Break Florida trip we stayed in houses. One of the girls in my house decided to stretch on the dining room table. All of a sudden there’s a crash and “oh no...oh no...oh no...” Naturally everyone goes to see what happened and the table looked like it had been karate-chopped in half and the girl was just standing there staring at it. Luckily, we were able to fix it with some wood glue and have some quality bonding time.

If you could be athletics director for a day, what would you do or change:
I would make more indoor practice facilities for the Varsity teams. This would make scheduling practice much easier for the outdoor spring sports that have to practice inside during the winter.

What motivates you:
There is always something more to be accomplished. I’ve been granted some awesome opportunities and I need to make the most of them.

Best restaurant in New York: This is not a fair question because there are so many. There’s the cart on the corner of 53rd and 6th that has delicious Halal food. You can’t beat all that food for just five bucks! Since it’s a food cart, it’s technically not a restaurant so I guess I’ll have to go with either Dallas BBQ or Ciro. DBQ has some of the best baby back ribs I’ve ever tasted and Ciro has Ravioli della Casa to die for!

What fictional character would you be and why:
Probably Mickey Mouse because he makes little kids’ dreams come true and lets adults feel like kids again. It would be very rewarding. He also gets cool magic powers when he has his sorcerer hat.

If you had a horse in the Belmont Stakes, what would you name it:

In 10 years, I’ll be: Working and coaching youth softball.

If you were in a talent show, what would your talent be:
Ball tricks (like in those Nike commercials) or recommending restaurants and Broadway musicals.