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The Empire State Building glows Columbia Blue.
Courtesy: Columbia University

Columbia Celebrates Graduation of the Class of 2012

Courtesy: Columbia University Athletics
          Release: 05/16/2012
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Photo Album - 2012 Graduation Reception (May 16, 2012)

NEW YORK - Columbia University celebrated the Commencement of its 258th academic year on Wednesday, May 16 on the Morningside Heights Campus in the City of New York.

Among the tens of thousands of candidates awarded degrees, 135 Columbia senior student-athletes were graduated:

Jeff Adams, '12CC, Football
Alex Adler, '12CC, Men's Track & Field
Francois Anderson, '12CC, Men's Soccer
Alexander Aurrichio, '12CC, Men's Soccer/Baseball

Dorothy Baker, '12CC, Women's Swimming & Diving
Adam Behnke, '12CC, Men's Track & Field
Jerry Bell, '12CC, Football
Karlee Blank, '12CC, Lacrosse
Neely Brandfield-Harvey, '12CC, Women's Fencing
Casey Bresee, '12BC, Women's Swimming & Diving
Gary Brownell, '12CC, Cross Country/Men's Track & Field
Andy Buchanan, '12CC, Cross Country/Men's Track & Field
Noah Buckley, '12CC, Lwt Rowing

Kyra Caldwell, '12CC, Women's Track & Field
Abby Caparros-Janto, '12BC, Women's Fencing
Matt Casey, '12SEAS, Cross Country/Men's Track & Field
Sam Cecil, '12CC, Football
Sarah Chai, '12CC, Archery
Aaqilah Chambers, '12BC, Archery
David Chao, '12CC, Football
Cindy Chen, '12CC, Volleyball
Carson Christus, '12CC, Field Hockey
Liz Chu, '12CC, Women's Squash
Lucie Cincinatis, '12CC, Women's Track & Field
Eren Civan, '12CC, Wrestling
Sydney Clark, '12CC, Women's Tennis
Kyle Cooke, '12CC, Cross Country/Men's Track & Field
Carolyn Costa, '12CC, Women's Tennis
Chris Crockett, '12CC, Men's Basketball
Kate Cwynar, '12CC, Archery

Adriana de Vries, '12CC, Field Hockey
Rajeev Deb-Sen, '12CC, Men's Tennis
Chester Dols, '12CC, Men's Swimming & Diving
Nora Dooley, '12CC, Women's Soccer
Brendan Doyle, '12CC, Men's Golf

Steve Egee, '12CC, Men's Basketball
Jon Eisen, '12CC, Baseball
Sarah Engle, '12CC, Women's Track & Field
Zach Epstein, '12CC, Baseball
Bruno Esquen, '12CC, Men's Swimming & Diving
Max Esteves, '12CC, Lwt Rowing
Rob Eyckmans, '12CC, Men's Swimming & Diving

Nick Faber, '12CC, Men's Soccer
Billy Fink, '12CC, Men's Fencing
Stephanie Foster, '12CC, Women's Swimming & Diving
Owen Fraser, '12CC, Football
Leti Freaney, '12CC, Field Hockey
Jazmin Fuller, '12CC, Women's Basketball

Megan Gallivan, '12CC, Women's Soccer
Taylor Gattinella, '12CC, Lacrosse
Janelle Geddes, '12SEAS, Hwt Rowing
Kyle Gilchrist, '12CC, Wrestling
Zach Glubiak, '12CC, Men's Soccer
Nicole Goldhaber, '12CC, Volleyball
Amanda Goodhart, '12CC, Lacrosse
Bailey Griswold, '12BC, Women's Rowing
Chris Groth, '12CC, Football

Anna Harrington, '12BC, Archery
Ryan Haslett, '12CC, Football
Bob Hauschildt, '12CC, Football
Paul Havas, '12CC, Football
Justin Heck, '12CC, Men's Track & Field/Cross Country
Mark Heil, '12CC, Baseball
Kalasi Huggins, '12CC, Football

Matt Johnson, '12CC, Men's Basketball

James Kahmann, '12CC, Lwt Rowing
Erin Kampschmidt, '12CC, Women's Swimming & Diving
Daniel Kirrane, '12CC, Lwt Rowing
Lillian Klein, '12BC, Women's Soccer
Lynda Kwon, '12CC, Women's Golf

Harry Lang, '12CC, Men's Fencing
McKenzie Largay, '12CC, Women's Rowing
Sean Leahy, '12CC, Men's Fencing
Robin Lee, '12CC, Women's Golf
Kevin Lenehan, '12CC, Football
Kevin Lester, '12CC, Wrestling
Rafael Lopez, '12CC, Football
Pat Lowery, '12CC, Baseball

AJ Maddox, '12CC, Football
Jason Marks, '12SEAS, Men's Track & Field
Mike Mazzullo, '12CC, Men's Soccer
Kyle Merber, '12CC, Men's Track & Field/Cross Country
Evan Miller, '12CC, Football
Louisa Mink, '12CC, Women's Rowing
Nick Misretta, '12CC, Football
Ross Morand, '12CC, Football
Mike Murphy, '12CC, Football
Lindsay Mushett, '12BC, Women's Soccer
Mark Muston, '12SEAS, Football
Sam Mysock, '12CC, Men's Golf

Anchit Nayar, '12CC, Men's Squash
Eric Ndikumana, '12CC, Men's Track & Field/Cross Country
Stephanie Ngai, '12CC, Women's Rowing
Leila Norman, '12CC, Women's Track & Field/Cross Country

Maggie O'Connor, '12CC, Field Hockey
John O'Loughlin, '12CC, Men's Track & Field

Nico Papas, '12CC, Football
Philip Pierott, '12CC, Men's Track & Field
Ben Popeck, '12CC, Football
Anthony Potter, '12CC, Baseball
Graham Pupo, '12CC, Lwt Rowing

Mike Rawlings, '12CC, Hwt Rowing
Monique Roberts, '12BC, Volleyball/Women's Track & Field
Sammy Roberts, '12SEAS, Women's Fencing
Carlos Rodriguez Castillo, '12SEAS, Lwt Rowing
Caitlin Rogers, '12CC, Women's Swimming & Diving
Billy Rumpke, '12CC, Baseball

Bruno Salemme, '12CC, Lwt Rowing
Desi Scherf, '12CC, Field Hockey
Jenny Schiff, '12CC, Lacrosse
Haig Schneiderman, '12CC, Men's Tennis
Marissa Schultz, '12CC, Women's Soccer
Neil Schuster, '12CC, Football
Ronnie Shaban, '12SEAS, Men's Soccer
Sydney Shaefer, '12CC, Archery
Melissa Shafer, '12CC, Women's Basketball
John-Howard Sidman, '12SEAS, Men's Swimming & Diving
Harrison Slutsky, '12CC, Baseball
Alex Smith, '12CC, Men's Swimming & Diving
Blaise Staab, '12SEAS, Men's Basketball
Mike Stephens, '12CC, Football
Shane Strumwasser, '12CC, Wrestling
Kyle Stupi, '12CC, Football

Brandon Thompson, '12CC, Men's Squash

Uzunma Udeh, '12CC, Women's Track & Field

Isabelle Vandenbroucke, '12CC, Women's Swimming & Diving
Jesse Vella, '12SEAS, Men's Soccer

Ariana Warr, '12BC, Women's Fencing
Jonathan Weibel, '12CC, Wrestling
Liz Wicks, '12CC, Women's Soccer
Kurt Williams, '12CC, Football
Ian Winthrop, '12CC, Hwt Rowing

Ashlin Yahr, '12CC, Women's Soccer
Will Young, '12CC, Men's Soccer

Kevin Zhai, '12CC, Men's Swimming & Diving

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