Dr. M. Dianne Murphy, Director, Intercollegiate Athletics and Physical Education, presented a session entitled "The Art of Negotiation," at the NCAA/NACWAA Leadership Enhancement Institute (LEI) on July 19 in Kansas City, Missouri. 

A former NACWAA President, Murphy has served as faculty for NACWAA Leadership initiatives eight times since 2002.

The Leadership Enhancement Institute is the premier "level two" leadership development program for women in intercollegiate athletics administration. Open only to NACWAA members and graduates of the NCAA/NACWAA Institute for Administrative Advancement (formerly NACWAA/HERS), LEI provides advanced educational opportunities, professional development and more in-depth training for women athletic administrators.

Always a proponent of leadership and mentorship, Murphy developed an elite leadership-training program for college women's basketball coaches, The Center for Coaching Excellence, in conjunction with the Women's Basketball Coaches Association (WBCA).  The second year of The Center for Coaching Excellence concluded in June 2012.

Murphy has also instituted a number of leadership initiatives within Columbia Athletics including The Leaders for Life Program for student-athletes and a first-year orientation program.