Full Results

PHILADELPHIA— Sophomore Ester Schreiber (women’s foil) won gold and her classmates Mick Yamanaka (men’s epee) and Alexander Walker III (men’s sabre) won silver as the fencing season began at the Temple Invitational in Philly.

Schreiber was the only Columbia women’s foil representative at the Temple Invite and she came out firing going 7-1 in pool play to advance and receive a bye in the round of 64. Schreiber defeated Temple’s Kari Weiner 15-7 in the championship bout to claim the top prize.

Mick Yamanaka was 9-0 in pool play in men’s epee and was the number one seed headed into direct elimination. Yamanka fenced all the way to the championship bout before he fell to Penn State’s Joshua Cole 15-12.

Alexander Walker III went 7-1 in pool play in men’s sabre and entered direct elimination as the 6th seed. The sophomore won five straight bouts, with scores varying from as wide a margin as 15-1 to as close as 15-11 on the way to the championship. Walker placed silver behind NYU’s Grant Williams, who won the final bout 15-9.

In women’s epee, senior Katie Angen led the way with a bronze finish, first-year LeeAnn Choy came in 5th place and junior Elise Gout finished 6th.

First-year Maria Chart had a great showing in her first collegiate tournament with a ninth place finish in women’s sabre.

Aside from Yamanaka and Walker III, Junior Albert Zhang also placed in the top-8 for the men with a seventh place finish in men’s foil.

The Temple Invitational was the first of the two meets that the Lions will fence in regional format - meaning that the fencers competed strictly individually. The coaches decided to hold meets like this for the first time this season in order to prepare fencers for the NCAA regionals at the end of the season.

The next regional format meet is next weekend, as the Lions will head to College Park for the Penn State Garret Open on Saturday, November 4th and Sunday November 5th.



Women’s Foil ( 62 Fencers)

1st – Ester Schreiber


Women’s Epee (79 Fencers)

3rd – Katie Angen

5th – LeeAnn Choy

6th – Elise Gout

11th – Kenya Plenty

19thT – Vivian Rand

19th T- Amy Tong


Women’s Sabre (56 Fencers)

9th – Maria Chart

14th – Danya Hu

15th- Ally Wolf

Men’s Foil (83 fencers)

7th – Albert Zhang

Men’s Epee (95 fencers)

2nd – Mick Yamanaka

38th- Sacha Schouker

40th- Julian Maldonado

Men’s Sabre (76 fencers)

2nd – Alexander Walker III

24th- Isaiah Garlin