Field Hockey and Lacrosse Host Alumnae Event to Welcome New Coaches, Freeman and Kittleman
Courtesy: Columbia University Athletics

NEW YORK - On Wednesday, December 8, alumnae from the Columbia Field Hockey and Lacrosse programs gathered to meet the new field hockey coach Marybeth Freeman and head lacrosse coach Liz Kittleman.  Over forty people gathered at the Reuters Building in Times Square to listen to both coaches share their visions for the future of their programs.  It also provided an opportunity for alumnae to meet other former players from their programs.

"A special thank you to our administration, our development team and hosts at the Reuters Building in Times Square for making this event a successful one," said Freeman.  "Though it was a 'meet and greet' and our season has ended, it was fantastic to see the number of field hockey alumnae there in support of the staff's first year with the program."

"I really need to thank Dr. Murphy for making this event possible," added Kittleman.  "Having the opportunity to gather with our alumnae and friends is invaluable, and I am grateful to have had the chance to pass along my vision for this program.  I look forward to building lasting relationships with everyone who has been a part of Columbia Lacrosse in one form or another."

Both Kittleman and Freeman were introduced to the crowd and were offered the opportunity to discuss their goals for their teams and update the alumnae and parents on the progress the teams have made.

The field hockey team began varsity competition in 1996, while the lacrosse team began the year after in 1997.  Alumnae from the last 14 years were in attendance and excited about what the future holds for both of these programs.

Former lacrosse player Rachael Ryan '09CC found the event to be a huge success.  "I thought the event was really successful," said Ryan.  "It was a great way to meet the new coaches and connect with some older alumnae.  After hearing both Liz and Marybeth talk about their teams and the goals they have set out for them, it got me really excited for the future of these two programs.  I can't wait for the lacrosse season to start so we can go out and support the current team!"

Her classmate Jackie Klatsky, who played field hockey and basketball, echoed those sentiments. "The event was both an opportunity to welcome Marybeth and Liz and catch up with alumnae, parents and coaches. We're excited to have the new coaches on board and can already tell that there are a lot of positive things in store for their respective teams. I think it is definitely important to have these events to help stay connected with the program and the school. If we didn't realize it already after four years, nights like this remind us how fortunate we are to have attended college in Manhattan so that we can remain active in the Columbia athletics community, all while staying in close proximity to our very own Lions Den! "