Boston Tragedy Affects Geiger Cup Results
Courtesy: Columbia University Athletics/Gene Boyars
ITHACA, N.Y. -- The Columbia and Cornell varsity eights rowed a fine race in the Geiger Cup regatta in Ithaca, but Columbia's narrow victory was negated by the tragic events of the Boston Marathon.
The Lions won the 1V8 by 1.9 seconds, while the Big Red of home-standing Cornell won the second varsity and third-varsity eights.
The races, however, were rowed without the third member of the Geiger Cup regatta, MIT. Located in Cambridge, Mass., the Engineers experienced difficulties both weighing-in, and traveling to Ithaca.
"We voted to not award the Geiger Cup for this race," head lightweights coach Scott Alwin said. "Instead, the Cup will be awarded to he first varsity eight finishing highest, at the Eastern Sprints in May."
The Geiger Cup results:

The Geiger Cup
Columbia, Cornell
Saturday, April 20, 2013
Lake Cayuga Inlet, Ithaca, N.Y.

Note: The Geiger Cup regatta was held without MIT, which experienced difficulties both weighing-in and traveling from Cambridge, Mass. The coaches voted to award the Geiger Cup to the first varsity eight finishing highest at the Eastern Sprints in May.

Varsity Eights
1. Columbia, 5:48.5
2. Cornell, 5:50.4

Second Varsity Eights
1. Cornell 2V, 5:50.7
2. Cornell 1F, 5:55.1
3. Columbia, 5:59.0

Third Varsity Eights
1. Cornell, 6:05.1
2. Cornell 2F/4V, 6:13.2
3. Columbia, 6:21.9

Today's Boatings:

Varsity Eight
Stone Cao, cox; Anders Smedsrud, stroke; James Winford, 7; Fredrik Aasaaren, 6; Jacob Buczek, 5; John O'Mara, 4; John Zucchi, 3; Blake Pinell, 2; Steven Boyle, bow

Second Varsity Eight
Erica Cunningham, cox; Griffin Whitlock, stroke; Oliver Ingram, 7; Roger Stone, 6; Colin Ross, 5; Travis Simon, 4; Matt Bellesheim, 3; Ben Blair, 2; Connor Dougherty, bow

Third Varsity Eight
Matt Coughlin, cox; Connor Murphy, stroke; Lane Brokaw, 7; Fletcher Sims, 6; John Hold, 5; Dan Puttmann, 4; Andrew Batholomew, 3; Colm Smith, 2; Darius Grayer, bow