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Live Results
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Friday Heat Sheet

NEW YORK -- The Columbia track & field teams will be represented on the East Coast and the West Coast this weekend as four Lions head to California to run in the 38th Stanford Invitational while their teammates travel to the Garden State for Princeton’s 12th annual Sam Howell Memorial Invitational. Both events run Friday and Saturday.

Senior Kyle Merber and juniors Mike Murphy, Caroline McDonough and Emily Lanois will compete in distance events at Stanford. Merber will compete in the men’s 800m run and the 1,500m run. Murphy will compete in the men’s 10,000m run and Lanois and McDonough will take part in the women’s 10,000m run. Murphy, McDonough and Lanois will run their respective races on Friday and Merber will be competing on both days.

Here’s a breakdown of the Columbia student-athletes’ events at Stanford. All times have been converted to Eastern Standard Time:

9:42 p.m. or 9:48 p.m. (EST): Men’s 1,500m - Kyle Merber (Sr.)
1:06 a.m. (EST): Women’s 10,000m (Sec. 2) - Emily Lanois (Jr.), Caroline McDonough (Jr.)
1:44 a.m. (EST): Men’s 10,000m (Sec. 2) - Mike Murphy (Jr.)

4:59 p.m.: Men’s 800m - Kyle Merber (Sr.)

NOTE: Both of Merber’s races will feature live coverage on Flotrack.

Columbia will field many more entries when it heads to Princeton’s William Weaver Stadium to compete in the 12th annual Sam Howell Memorial Invitational.

Here is Friday’s schedule and a breakdown of who is competing:

4 p.m.: Men’s Hammer Throw Open - Duncan Dickerson (So.)
5 p.m.: Women’s Discus Throw Open - Joanna Koronios (Fr.)
5 p.m. (after women’s): Men’s Discus Throw Open - Duncan Dickerson (So.)
5:15 p.m.: Men’s 10,000m Run “B” heat - Justin Heck (Sr., Sec. 2), Pate DeSabato (Jr., Sec. 2)
6 p.m.: Men’s 3,000m Steeplechase Elite - Joe Kotran (So., Sec. 1), John Gregorek (So., Sec. 1), Ben Veilleux (Jr., Sec. 2), Nate Brennand (Fr., Sec. 2), Evan Tsembelis (Jr., Sec. 2)
6:30 p.m.: Women’s 3,000m Steeplechase Elite - Mallory Anderson (Jr., Sec. 1)
6:45 p.m.: Men’s 1,500m Run Elite - Mark Feigen (Jr., Sec. 1), Adam Behnke (Sr., Sec. 1), Byron Jones (So., Sec. 2), Liam Tansey (Jr., Sec. 2), Brendon Fish (Fr., Sec. 2), Harry McFann (So., Sec. 3), Connor Claflin (Fr., Sec. 3), Tim Cousins (So., Sec. 4)
7:20 p.m.: Women’s 1,500m Run Elite - Clare Buck ( Jr., Sec. 2), Anne Carey (Fr., Sec. 3), Madeline Rathbun (Fr., Sec. 3), Jennifer DeSouchet (Fr., Sec. 3), Danika Simonson (So., Sec. 3)
8 p.m.: Men’s 5,000m Run Elite - Steve Iglehart (Jr., Sec. 1), Paul Ross (Fr., Sec. 2), Ben Eversole (Fr., Sec. 2), Kyle Cooke (Sr., Sec. 3)
8:50 p.m.: Women’s 5,000m Run Elite - Alexis Schustrom (So., Sec. 2), Irene Kalbian (Jr., Sec. 2)
9:50 p.m.: Men’s 10,000m Run Elite - Nico Composto (So., Sec. 1), Leighton Spencer (Jr., Sec. 1), Jake Sienko (So., Sec. 1), Gary Brownell (Sr. Sec. 1), Paul Snyder (Jr., Sec. 1)
10:30 p.m.: Women’s 10,000m Run Elite - Laura Vigilante (So., Sec. 1)

Saturday’s Schedule is as follows:
11 a.m.: Women’s Hammer Throw
12 p.m.: Men’s Shot Put, Women’s Shot Put
12 p.m.: Women’s Long Jump (Outside Pit), Women’s Triple Jump
12 p.m.: Men’s Long Jump (Inside Pit), Men’s Triple Jump
12 p.m.: Women’s 4x100m Relay
12:10 p.m.: Men’s 4x100m Relay
12:20 p.m.: Women’s 1,500m Run
12:30 p.m.: Women’s High Jump, Men’s High Jump
12:30 p.m.: Men’s Pole Vault
12:45 p.m.: Men’s 1,500m Run
1:20 p.m.: Women’s 100m Hurdles
1:30 p.m.: Men’s Javelin Throw, Women’s Javelin Throw
1:40 p.m.: Men’s 110m Hurdles
2 p.m.: Women’s 400m Run
2:20 p.m.: Men’s 400m Run
2:40 p.m.: Women’s 100m Run
3 p.m.: Men’s 100m Run
3 p.m.: Women’s Pole Vault
3:20 p.m.: Women’s 800m Run
3:40 p.m.: Men’s 800m Run
4:10 p.m.: Women’s 400m Intermediate Hurdles
4:25 p.m.: Men’s Intermediate Hurdles
4:40 p.m.: Women’s 200m Run
5 p.m.: Men’s 200m Run
5:20 p.m.: Women’s 3,000m Run
5:45 p.m.: Women’s 4x400m Relay
6 p.m.: Men’s 4x400m Relay