WIlson's Camp Update - Day Four
Courtesy: Columbia University Athletics/Char Smullyan

Norries Wilson, the Patricia and Shepard Alexander Head Coach of Football, is giving periodic updates on preseason camp. Check back daily to catch the latest report! Check for further updates on the Columbia Football webpage at gocolumbialions.com/football.

I thought they moved around pretty good today. The offense actually took control during the team periods and did some good things moving the football. The offensive line is coming together well and beginning to play as a group instead of five individuals. Nate Walcker has been deemed physically unable to perform by the medical staff. In many cases this would be a ticket to go and enjoy life as a regular student but he came to me and asked if he could stay and help out in any capacity. He felt like he owed it to the program. I told him that meant he would be a manager and he said that was alright by him. I am glad he decided to stay.

Will Lipovsky got a battle field promotion to the first group and held his own today. When he gets used to the number of reps that the ones get he will be fine.

We’ve had a few fights at practice the last two days. That’s good and bad, so I ended that today with a few reminders. Fighting in a game is fifteen and an ejection, and possible suspension from the next game. We aren’t deep enough to lose someone for something stupid, so there is no need to let it go on in practice. But a good fight can get a practice going.

I have been asked a few times why we don’t have captains as of yet. It’s my opinion that being Captain of the Football Team is not a popularity contest, or a right for sticking it out for four years. The Captain of the football team has to have the guts to get in his friends face, when he is wrong. He has to be able to put the team on his back when they are dragging. He has to be able to bring the concerns of the team to the HC. He has to be able to make tough calls that mean he won’t the cool guy. He has to be someone they will follow no matter what the situation may be. Leading by example sounds great, but has to be able to scold and encourage, and the expression on his face has to be able to make all believe that everything is going to be ok. The best player on the team may not be the best captain. You don’t have to be a senior to be captain. You just have to be strong enough to carry 106 other guys.

"We are on a collision course with the National Championship, the only variable is time."
Howard Schnellenberger
Head Football Coach
Miami Hurricanes