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PRINCETON, NEW JERSEY – THEY ARE THE CHAMPIONS! Columbia women's and men's fencing both get to call themselves Ivy League Champions as women's fencing won the title outright, and the men share the trophy with Harvard and Penn. These titles were Columbia Fencing's 49th and 50th Ivy League titles in program history.


There was never a doubt. Columbia women's fencing won the Ivy League title all alone, sweeping through the competition going a pefect 6-0 at the Ivy League Round Robins this weekend. In the final match of the day, the Lions defeated the Quakers, 20-7.

Senior Katie Angen won the 14th Lion bout in women's epee in extra time, 4-3. Screams, tears and huge celebration broke out, as the Lions are back on top for the third time in four years. At that point in the match, the score was 14-2. Violet Michel won all three of her bouts against Penn, as did Sylvie Binder and Iman Blow

Sylvie Binder had the best record in women's foil and went home with the 2018 women's foil Ivy League individual championship. The first-year went 13-1 in her first Ivy League Championships.

Iman Blow (foil) and Violet Michel (sabre) both came in second place in their weapons and were named first team All-Ivy. Katie Angen (epee), Lena Johnson (sabre), Ester Schreiber (foil) and Giana Vierheller (epee) all made second team All-Ivy. 

After deating Cornell, Princeton and Brown on Saturday, the Lions came out strong on Sunday with a thrilling 19-8 win over Harvard. Women's foil with Iman Blow, Sylvie Binder, Ester Schreiber and Quinn Crum went a perfect 9-0. Sophomore Violet Michel won the 14th bout in women's sabre to make the victory official. 

The Lions kept their foot on the gas pedal to defeat Yale, 21-6. Each squad was very strong, with women's foil dropping just one bout, epee losing only two, and sabre lost just three. Crum went 3-0 against the Bulldogs. 


  1. Columbia 6-0
  2. Princeton 5-1
  3. Harvard 4-2


With their backs against the wall and in a must-win situation, the Lions pulled through big time - defeating the then undefeated Quakers in the last match of the day to clinch a share of the Ivy League title. Sophomore Mick Yamanaka won the decider 5-4, as Columbia beat Penn 15-12.

First-year Sidarth Kumbla (foil) and sophomore Nolen Scruggs (foil) were named first team All-Ivy.  Calvin Liang (sabre), Gabe Canaux (epee) and Porter Hesslegrave (epee) were named second team All-Ivy.

After defeating Princeton and Brown on Saturday, the Lions came back on Sunday and dropped the first match of the day to Harvard, 16-11. The best moment of the match came with Harvard on the verge of clinching the match. Alexander Walker III subbed in for Calvin Liang in his final sabre bout, and defeated Olympian and 2017 NCAA Champion, Eli Dershwitz, 5-2. That was Dershwitzs' only loss of the entire weekend. The Lions ended up falling to the Crimson in the next bout.  

Columbia rebounded in a big way against Yale, defeating the Bulldogs, 20-7. Both saber and epee led the way 7-2 as first-years Josef Cohen and Sidarth Kumbla both went 3-0.


1. Columbia

1. Harvard

1. Penn 


Columbia, Harvard (W, 19-8)


Lena Johnson 3-0

Danya Hu 2-1

Violet Michel 2-1

FOIL 9-0

Iman Blow 2-0

Sylvie Binder 3-0

Ester Schreiber 3-0

EPEE 3-6

Katie Angen 1-2

Giana Vierheller 2-1

Audrey Yun 0-3

Columbia, Yale (W, 21-6)


Lena Johnson 1-2

Danya Hu 2-0

Violet Michel 2-1

Anastasia Ivanoff 1-0

FOIL 8-1

Sylvie Binder 2-0

Ester Schreiber 2-1

Quinn Crum 3-0

Iman Blow 1-0

EPEE 7-2

Katie Angen 2-1

Giana Vierheller 1-0

Audrey Yun 2-1

Anne Cebula 2-0

Columbia, Penn (W, 20-7)


Anastasia Ivanoff 2-1

Lena Johnson 2-1

Violet Michel 3-0

FOIL 8-1

Sylvie Binder 3-0

Iman Blow 3-0

Ester Schreiber 1-1

Quinn Crum 1-0

EPEE 5-4

Gianna Vierheller 2-1

Katie Angen 2-1

Audrey Yun 1-2


Columbia, Harvard (L, 11-16)


Dawson Sieradzky 1-2

Joe Cohen 1-2

Calvin Liang 0-2

Alexander Walker III 1-0

FOIL 3-6

Sam Moelis 1-1

Sidarth Kumbla 1-2

Nolen Scruggs 1-2

James Sands 0-1

EPEE 5-4

Gabe Canaux 2-1

Mick Yamanaka 2-0

Porter Hesslegrave 1-2

Columbia, Yale (W, 20-7)


Calvin Liang 2-1

Dawson Sieradzky 2-1

Josef Cohen 3-0

FOIL 6-3

Albert Zhang 1-2

Nolen Scruggs 2-0

Sidarth Kumbla 3-0

James Sands 0-1

EPEE 7-2

Gabe Canaux 2-0

Mick Yamanaka 2-0

Porter Hesslegrave 1-2

Sacha Schouker 1-0

Jarett Poliner 1-0

Columbia, Penn (W, 15-12)


Josef Cohen 2-1

Calvin Liang 2-1

Alexander Walker III 1-2

FOIL 6-3

Sam Moelis 2-0

Nolen Scruggs 2-1

Sidarth Kumbla 2-1

Albert Zhang 0-1

EPEE 4-5

Porter Hesslegrave 1-2

Gabe Canaux 2-1

Mick Yamanaka 1-2