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1894:   Chas. Townsend (F)
   Chas. Townsend (F)
1902:   Frederic Clark (F)
1903:   Frederic Clark (F)
1905:   Frederico Lage (F)
1914:   Steddiford Pitt (F)
            Waldo Shumway (S)
1916:   Louis Mouquin (F)
1918:   Horcasitas (F)
1919:   Millard Bloomer (F)
1924:   H. Bloomer (F)
1928:   Norm Armitage (S)
1931:   H. Gulbransen (S)
1942:   F. Lombaer (S)
1950:   Robert Nielsen (F)
1951:   Robert Nielsen (F)
1952:   Alfred Rubin (F)
1954:   Steve Sobel (S)
1957:   Jim Margolis (E)
1961:   Alan Schwartz (S)
1962:   Bart Nisonson (S)
1963:   Jay Lustig (F)
1965:   Joseph Nalven (F)
1966:   Steve Weinstein (F)
            Frank Lowy (S)
1968:   Frank Lowy (S)
            Jeffrey Kestler (F)
            Burt Pearlman (E)
1970:   Bruce Soriano (S)
1971:   Bruce Soriano (S)
1975:   Tom Losonczy (S)
1976:   Brian Smith (S)
1985:   Bentley Storm (E)
1986:   Steve Trevor (E)
1987:   Bob Cottingham (S)
1988:   Bob Cottingham (S)
            Ivan Fernandez-Madrid (F)
1989:   Jon Normile (E)
1990:   Mike Feldschuh (E)
1991:   Mike Feldschuh (E)
            Steve Kovacs (S)
1992:   Ben Atkins (E)
            Steve Kovacs (S)
1993:   Steve Kovacs (S)
1994:   Steve Kovacs (S)
1996:   Jennifer Curtis (F)
1997:   Susan Jennings (F)
            Dan Kellner (F)
            Noah Zucker (E)
1998:   Dan Kellner (F)
            Erinn Smart (F)
2001:   Jed Dupree (F)
            Erinn Smart (F)
2004:   Jeremy Sinkin (F)
            Christian Robinson (S)
            Alex Krul (S)
2007:   Kurt Getz (F)
            Daria Schneider (S)
2008:   Jeff Spear (S)
2009:   Neely Brandfield-Harvey (E)
            Nicole Ross (F)
            Jeff Spear (S)

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