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Captain C.L. Berrien
Opponent Score
Buffalo L0-5
Rutgers W27-0
Williams W5-0
Harvard L0-18
Hamilton W12-0
Yale L5-10
Haverford W29-6
Penn W10-0
Georgetown W18-0
Syracuse L5-11
Cornell L0-24
Navy W6-5
Carlisle W40-12



William F. Morley

Captain Harold H. Weekes
Opponent Score
Rutgers W43-0
Fordham W45-0
Buffalo W5-0
Swarthmore W24-0
Hamilton W35-0
Princeton L0-21
Penn L0-17
Brown L0-28
Amherst L0-29
Navy W5-0
Syracuse T6-6


Captain Richard S. Smith
Opponent Score
Wesleyan W10-0
Alumni W16-0
Union W36-0
Hamilton W29-0
Williams W5-0
Swarthmore W5-0
Amherst W12-0
Penn W18-6
Yale L25-0
Cornell W17-12


Captain Robert S. Stangland
Opponent Score
Union W10-0
F&M W28-0
Wesleyan W16-0
Tufts W31-0
Williams  W11-0
Swarthmore W12-0
Amherst L0-12
Penn L16-0
Yale L0-34
Cornell  W12-6


Captain John R. Fisher
Opponent Score
Union W23-0
Seaton Hall W21-0
Wesleyan T0-0
Williams W11-5
Amherst T10-10
Princeton L0-12
Yale L0-53
Cornell W12-6
Penn L0-23


Football banned at Columbia

1915-1917 T. Nelson Metcalf

Captain F.M. Simonds, Jr. 
Opponent Score
St. Lawrence W57-0
Stevens  W15-6
Connecticut W17-6
NYU W19-16
Wesleyan W18-0


Captain J.A. Healy
Opponent Score
Hamilton L7-14
Vermont W6-0
Union L0-3
Williams T0-0
Stevens  T0-0
Swarthmore L0-18
Wesleyan L0-40
NYU L0-6


Captain D.A. Cochran
Opponent Score
Union W21-0
Williams L6-9
Amherst L6-14
Hobart W70-0
Wesleyan L0-6
NYU L7-9


Fred Dawson

Captain Lt. Chester Robb
Opponent Score
Merritt W7-0
Amherst W21-7
 Union W33-0
Wesleyan W14-0
NYU W12-0
Syracuse L0-20


Captain  John D. Kennedy
Opponent  Score
USS Arizona T0-0
Vermont W7-0
Williams L0-25
Amherst W9-7
NYU L12-27
Union T0-0
Stevens  L0-13
Wesleyan L13-28
Brown T7-7


Frank O'Neill 1920-1922

Captain John F. Kienninger
Opponent Score
Trinity W0-21
NYU W14-7
Amherst W20-7
Wesleyan L0-10
Williams W20-14
Swarthmore L7-21
Cornell  L7-34
Penn L7-27


Captain F. Kessler Scovil
Opponent Score
Amherst L7-9
Wesleyan W14-3
NYU W19-0
Dartmouth L7-31
Williams L0-20
Cornell  L7-41
Ohio U L21-23
Colgate  L14-21


Captain Walter F. Koppisch
Opponent Score
Ursinus W48-7
Amherst  W43-6
Wesleyan W10-6
NYU W6-2
Williams  L10-13
Cornell L0-56
Middlebury W17-6
Dartmouth L7-28
Colgate L6-59


Percy D. Haughton 1923-1924

Captain Walter F. Koppisch
Opponent Score
Ursinus W13-0
Amherst  T0-0
Wesleyan W12-6
Penn L7-19
Williams L0-10
Middlebury W9-6
Cornell L0-35
NYU W21-0
Dartmouth L6-31


Paul Withington 1924 (four games)

Captain Walter F. Koppisch
Opponent Score
Haverford W29-3
St. Lawrence W52-0
Wesleyan W35-0
Penn L7-10
Williams W27-3
Cornell L0-14
NYU W40-0
Army T14-14
Syracuse L6-9


Charles F. Crowley 1925-1929

Captain George Pease
Opponent Score
Haverford W59-0
Johns Hopkins W47-0
Wesleyan W64-0
Ohio State L0-9
Williams W26-0
Cornell L14-17
NYU T6-6
Army W21-7
Alfred W46-0
Syracuse L5-16


Captain William Madden
Opponent Score
Vermont W14-0
Union W26-0
Wesleyan W41-0
Ohio  L7-32
Duke W24-0
Cornell W17-9
W &M W13-10
Penn L0-3
Syracuse L2-19


Captain  Raph Furey
Opponent Score
Vermont W32-0
Union W28-0
Weslyan W28-0
Colgate L7-13
Williams W19-0
Cornell T0-0
Johns Hopkins T7-7
Penn  L0-27
Syracuse W14-7


Captain William F. Alder
Opponent Score
Vermont W20-0
Union W27-0
Wesleyan W31-7
Dartmouth L7-21
Williams W20-6
Cornell T0-0
Johns Hopkins W14-13
Penn L7-34
Syracuse  L6-14


Captain Malcolm Bleeker
Opponent Score
Middlebury W38-6
Union W31-0
Wesleyan W52-0
Dartmouth L0-34
Williams W33-0
Cornell L6-12
Colgate L0-33
Penn L0-20
Syracuse  L0-6


Lou Little 1930-1956

Captain Joseph Stanczyk
Opponent Score
Middlebury W48-0
Union W25-0
Wesleyan W48-0
Dartmouth L0-52
Williams W3-0
Cornell W10-7
Colgate L0-54
Brown L0-6
Syracuse L7-19


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