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Captain Ralph Hewitt  
Opponent Score  
Middlebury W61-0  
Union W51-0  
Wesleyan W37-0  
Dartmouth W19-6  
Williams W19-0  
Cornell L0-13  
Virginia W27-0  
Brown W9-7  
Syracuse T0-0  
Captain Steve Grenda  
Opponent Score  
Middlebury W51-0  
Lehigh W41-6  
Princeton W20-7  
Virginia W22-6  
Williams W46-0  
Cornell W6-0  
Navy W7-6  
Brown L6-7  
Syracuse  T0-0  
Captain Cliff Montgomery  
Opponent Score  
Lehigh W39-0  
Virginia W15-6  
Princeton L0-20  
Penn State  W33-0  
Cornell W9-6  
Navy W14-7  
Lafayette W46-6  
Syracuse W16-0  
Stanford (Rose Bowl) W7-0  
Captains Edward Brominski, Joseph Ferrara
Opponent Score  
Yale W12-6  
VMI W29-6  
Navy L7-18  
Penn State W14-7  
Cornell W14-0  
Brown W39-0  
Penn W13-12  
Syracuse W12-0  
Captain Al Barabas  
Opponent Score  
VMI W12-0  
Rutgers W20-6  
Penn L0-34  
Michigan L7-19  
Cornell T7-7  
Syracuse L2-14  
Navy L7-28  
Brown W18-0  
Dartmouth W13-7  
Captains George Furey, Joseph Coviello
Opponent Score  
Maine W34-0  
Army L16-27  
VMI W38-0  
Michigan L0-13  
Cornell W20-13  
Dartmouth L13-20  
Syracuse W17-0  
Stanford  W7-0  
Captains Oscar Bonom, John Bateman
Opponent Score  
Williams W40-6  
Army  L18-21  
Penn W26-6  
Brown L6-7  
Cornell L0-14  
Navy L6-13  
Syracuse T6-6  
Dartmouth L0-27  
Stanford  T0-0  
Captain John C. Wright  
Opponent Score  
Yale W27-14  
Army W20-18  
Colgate L0-12  
Penn L13-14  
Cornell L7-23  
Virginia W39-0  
Navy L9-14  
Syracuse L27-36  
Brown L27-36  
Captain Frank J. Stulgaitis  
Opponent Score  
Yale L7-10  
Army T6-6  
Princeton L7-14  
VMI W26-7  
Cornell L7-13  
Navy W19-13  
Tulane L0-25  
Colgate  T0-0  
Captain Hugh R. Barber  
Opponent Score  
Maine W15-0  
Dartmouth W20-6  
Georgia W19-13  
Syracuse L0-3  
Cornell L0-27  
Wisconsin W7-6  
Navy T0-0  
Colgate W20-17  
Brown T0-0  
Captain Herbert H. Maack  
Opponent Score  
Brown W13-6  
Princeton W21-0  
Georgia L3-7  
Army L0-13  
Cornell W7-0  
Penn L16-19  
Michigan L0-28  
Colgate L21-30  
Captains Paul V. Governali, Felix E. Demartini
Opponent Score  
Fort Monmouth W39-0  
Maine W34-2  
Brown L21-28  
Army L6-34  
Penn L12-42  
Cornell W14-13  
Colgate  L26-35  
Navy L9-13  
Dartmouth L13-26  
Captain  Tomas S. Rock  
Opponent Score  
Princeton L7-26  
Yale L7-20  
Army L0-52  
Penn L0-33  
Cornell L6-33  
Dartmouth L13-47  
Navy L0-61  
Colgate L0-41  
Captain George Gliibert  
Opponent Score  
Union  W21-0  
Syracuse W26-2  
Yale L10-27  
Colgate L0-6  
Cornell L7-25  
Penn L7-35  
Brown L0-12  
Dartmouth L0-18  
Captain Stanley S. Smith, Jr.  
Opponent Score  
Lafayette W40-14  
Syracuse W32-0  
Yale W27-13  
Colgate W31-7  
Brown W27-6  
Cornell W34-26  
Penn L7-32  
Princeton W32-7  
Dartmouth W21-0  
Captain Donald T. Kasprzak  
Date Opponent Score
9/28 Rutgers W13-7
10/5 Navy W23-14
10/12 at Yale W28-20
10/19 at Army L14-48
10/26 at Dartmouth W33-13
11/2 Cornell L0-12
11/9 Penn L6-41
11/16 Lafayette W46-0
11/23 Syracuse  W59-21
Captains Werner Hasselman (R,C), Bill Swiacki (N,D), Bruce Gehrke (Y,S), Ventan Yablonski (P, HC), Henry O'Shaughnessy (A)
Date Opponent Score
9/27 Rutgers W40-28
10/4 at Navy W13-6
10/11 Yale L7-17
10/18 Penn L14-34
10/25 at Army W21-20
11/1 at Cornell W22-0
11/8 Dartmouth W15-0
11/15 Holy Cross W10-0
11/22 Syracuse W28-8
Captains Gene Shekitka ( R), Henry Briggs (H), Charles Klemovich (Y), Lou Kusserow (Pn.), Gene Rossides (Pr.), John Nork (C ), Joe Jaras (D), Bill Olson (N), Clyde Hampton (S) 
Date Opponent Score
9/25 Rutgers W27-6
10/2 at Harvard L24-33
10/9 at Yale W34-28
10/16 Penn L14-20
10/23 Princeton L14-16
10/30 Cornell L13-20
11/6 at Dartmouth L21-26
11/13 Navy W13-0
11/20 Syracuse W34-28
Captains Leon Van Bellingham James Ward
Date Opponent Score
9/24 Amherst W27-7
10/1 Harvard W14-7
10/8 Yale L7-33
10/15 at Penn L7-27
10/22 at Army L6-63
10/29 at Cornell L0-54
11/5 Dartmouth L14-38
11/12 at Navy L0-28
11/9 Brown L7-16
Captain Albert Nork  
Date Opponent Score
9/30 Hobart W42-12
10/7 at Harvard W28-7
10/14 at Yale L14-20
10/21 Penn L0-34
10/28 Army L0-34
11/4 Cornell W20-19
11/11 at Dartmouth L7-14
11/18 Navy L7-29
11/23 at Brown W33-0
Captain Howard Hansen  
Date Opponent Score
10/6 Harvard W35-0
10/13 Yale  W14-0
10/20 at Penn L13-28
10/27 at Army L9-14
11/3 at Cornell W21-20
11/10 Dartmouth W21-6
11/17 Navy L7-21
11/24 Brown W29-14
Captain Robert McCullough  
Date Opponent Score
9/27 Princeton L0-14
10/4 at Harvard W16-7
10/11 at Yale L28-35
10/18 Penn L17-27
10/25 Army T14-14
11/1 Cornell L14-21
11/8 at Dartmouth L14-38
11/15 at Navy L0-28
11/22 Brown W14-0
Captain Gene Wodeshick  
Date Opponent Score
9/26 Lehigh W14-7
10/3 at Princeton L19-20
10/10 at Yale L7-13
10/17 Harvard W8-0
10/24 at Army L7-40
10/31 at Cornell L13-27
11/7 Dartmouth W25-19
11/14 Navy L6-14
11/21 Rutgers W27-13
Captain Neil Opdyke  
Date Opponent Score
9/26 at Brown L7-18
10/2 Princeton L20-54
10/9 Yale L7-13
10/16 at Harvard W7-6
10/23 Army L12-67
10/30 Cornell L0-26
11/6 at Dartmouth L0-26
11/13 at Navy L6-51
11/20 Rutgers L12-45
Captain Manfredo Bucci  
Date Opponent Score
9/24 Brown W14-12
10/1 at Princeton L7-20
10/8 at Yale L14-46
10/15 Harvard L7-21
10/22 at Army L0-45
10/29 at Cornell L19-34
11/5 Dartmouth L7-14
11/12 Navy L0-47
11/19 Rutgers L6-12
Captain Arthur Wilson  
Date Opponent Score
9/29 Brown L0-20
10/6 at Princeton L0-39
10/13 Yale L19-33
10/20 Harvard W26-20
10/27 Army L0-60
11/3 Cornell W25-19
11/10 at Dartmouth L0-14
11/17 at Penn L6-20
11/24 at Rutgers W18-12
Aldo "Buff" Donelli  1957-1967  
Captain George Pappas  
Date Opponent Score
9/28 at Brown W23-20
10/5 Princeton L6-47
10/12 at Yale L0-19
10/19 at Harvard L6-19
10/26 Lehigh L6-40
11/2 at Cornell L0-8
11/9 Dartmouth L0-7
11/16 Penn L6-28
11/23 Rutgers L7-26
Captain Coy Gobble  
Date Opponent Score
9/27 Brown L0-22
10/4 at Princeton L8-43
10/11 Yale W13-0
10/18 Harvard L0-26
10/25 at Buffalo L14-34
11/1 Cornell L0-25
11/8 at Dartmouth L0-38
11/15 at Penn L0-42
11/22 at Rutgers  L0-61
Captain Harvey Brookins  
Date Opponent Score
9/26 at Brown W21-6
10/3 Princeton L0-22
10/10 at Yale L0-14
10/17 at Harvard L22-38
10/24 Holy Cross L0-34
10/31 at Cornell L7-34
11/7 Dartmouth L0-22
11/14 Penn L6-24
11/21 Rutgers W26-16
Captain Robert McCool  
Date Opponent Score
9/24 Brown W37-0
10/1 at Princeton L0-49
10/8 at Yale L8-30
10/15 Harvard L7-8
10/22 Holy Cross L6-27
10/29 Cornell W44-6
11/5 at Dartmouth L6-22
11/12 at Penn W16-6
11/19 Rutgers L2-43

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