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1972 Rick Fagel    
1973 Henry Bunis    
1985 Evan Ratner    
1986 Matt Litsky    
  Phil Williamson    
1987 Matt Litsky    
  Phil Williamson    
1988 Jeff Chiang    
  Rob Kresberg    
1989 Jeff Chiang    
  Rob Kresberg    
1990 Jeff Chiang    
1992 Mark Sigalove    
1993 Mark Sigalove    
1994 Jose Machuca    
1995 Rohit Reddy    
  Mike Beckett 2nd Team  
1996 Kevin Chang    
  Rohit Reddy 2nd Team  
1997 Navroz Udwadia    
1998 Salil Seshadri 2nd Team  
  Steve Millerman    
1999 Salil Seshadri    
  Steve Millerman    
2000 Akram Zaman    
  Salil Seshadri    
2001 Oscar Chow    
2002 Oscar Chow    
2003 Oscar Chow    
2004 Akshay Rao    
2005 Akshay Rao    
  Rajeev Emany 2nd Team  
  Jimmy Moore 2nd Team  
2006 Mark Clemente    
2007 Mark Clemente 2nd Team  
  Jonathan Wong 2nd Team  
  Jared Drucker Hon. Mention  
2008 Jonathan Wong    
  Mark Clemente 2nd Team  
  Bogdan Borta 2nd Team  
2009 Bogdan Borta    
  Mihai Nichofor 2nd Team  
  Jonathan Wong 2nd Team  
2010 Mihai Nichofor    
  Jonathan Wong    
  Haig Schneiderman 2nd Team  
2011 Haig Schneiderman 2nd Team  
2012 Winston Lin    
  Haig Schneiderman    
2013 Dragos Ignat    
  Winston Lin    
  Ashok Narayana 2nd Team  
2014 Dragos Ignat    
  Winston Lin    
  Ashok Narayana 2nd Team  
  Max Schnur 2nd Team  
1984 Howie Endelman Gary Jacobs  
1985 Howie Endelman Gary Jacobs  
1986 Phil Williamson Keith Thomas  
1987 Howie Endelman Keith Thomas  
  Phil Williamson Matt Litsky  
1992 Mark Sigalove Burke Banda  
1993 Mark Sigalove Mike Beckett  
1994 Burke Banda Mike Beckett  
1995 Mike Beckett Rohit Reddy  
1997 Salil Seshadri Navroz Udwadia  
1998 Salil Seshadri Ogidi Obi  
2000 Salil Seshadri Akram Zaman  
2002 Oscar Chow Rohan Saikia 2nd Team
2004 Akshay Rao Rohan Saikia  
2005 Scott Robbin Akshay Rao  
2006 Jimmy Moore Marty Moore 2nd Team
2007 Marty Moore Paul Ratchford 2nd Team
2008 Jonathan Wong Bogdan Borta 2nd Team
2009 Bogdan Borta Mihai Nickifor  
  Haig Schneiderman Jonathan Wong 2nd Team
2010 Jonathan Wong Mihai Nickifor  
2011 Nathaniel Gery  

2nd Team

2012 Ashok Narayana Max Schnur  
2013 Ashok Narayana Max Schnur  
2014 Ashok Narayana Max Schnur  
  Richard Pham   2nd Team

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