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NEW YORK - Columbia University celebrated the Commencement of its 259th academic year on Wednesday, May 22 on the Morningside Heights Campus in the City of New York.

Among the tens of thousands of candidates awarded degrees, 142 Columbia senior student-athletes were graduated:

Ifiok Akpandak (CC, men's soccer)
Julie Alexander (CC, women's track & field)
Mallory Anderson (CC, women's track & field)
Molly Andrews (CC, field hockey)

Taylor Ball (CC, women's basketball)
Brian Barbour (CC, men's basketball)
Nicole Bartnik (CC, women's tennis)
Alex Black (CC, baseball)
Matt Bocci (CC, football)
Nikki Bourassa (CC, women's rowing)
Sean Brackett (CC, football)
Heather Braunangel (CC, volleyball)
Cyril Bucher (CC, women's tennis)
Clare Buck (CC, women's track & field)
Kelly Buechel (BC, lacrosse)

Stone Cao (CC, lightweight rowing)
Mark Cisco (CC, men's basketball)
Jason Collazo  (CC, men's swimming & diving)
Sam Collins (SEAS, heavyweight rowing)
Blake Cowan (CC, men's cross country)
Liz Crowe (CC, women's soccer)
Nick Crucet (CC, baseball)
Ian Cummins (CC, football)

John Daniels (CC, men's basketball)
Molly Dengler (CC, women's cross country)
Patrick DeSabato (CC, men's cross country)
Bridget DeSandis (CC, field hockey)
Katie DeSandis (CC, field hockey)
Brian DeVeau (CC, football)
Essane Diedro (CC, fencing)
Loweye Diedro (CC, fencing)
Mike Donohue (CC, heavyweight rowing)
Patrick Dougherty (SEAS, men's swimming & diving)
Ryan Doyle (CC, wrestling)
Fiona Duffy (CC, women's rowing)
Robert Dyar (CC, wrestling)

Mark Feigen (CC, men's cross country)
Nick Ferraresi (CC, baseball)
Richard Fineman (CC, men's swimming & diving)
Ford Fischer (CC, men's golf)
Phillip Fletcher (CC, heavyweight rowing)

Megan Gaughn (CC, volleyball)
Sam Gelb (CC, men's tennis)
Nathaniel Gery (CC, men's tennis)
Tim Giel (SEAS, baseball)
Erin Gillingham (CC, women's track & field)
Andrew Grabfelder (CC, wrestling)
Steven Grassa (CC, football)
Quentin Grigsby (CC, men's soccer)
Greg Guttas (CC, football)

Sharay Hale (CC, women's track & field)
Lacey Harris-Coble (CC, women's swimming & diving)
Kristin Hehir (CC, women's swimming & diving)
Andrew Heinrich (CC, football)
D’Meca Homer (CC, fencing)

Steven Iglehart (CC, men's cross country)

Agata Jankova (CC, women's basketball)
Monica Jean (CC, women's soccer)
Kacie Johnson (CC, lacrosse)
Ryan Jones (SEAS, heavyweight rowing)

Irene Kalbian (CC, womenn's track & field)
Lily Keane (BC, women's rowing)
Isabel King (CC, women's soccer)
Ricky Kleban (CC, baseball)
Lydia Kopecky (CC, fencing)
Alec Kosminskas (CC, football)
Katarina Kovacevic (BC, women's tennis)
Dean Kowalski (CC, men's basketball)
Gabby Kozlowski (CC, field hockey)
Sylvie Krekow (BC, women's rowing)

Andrew Lake (CC, heavyweight rowing)
Alison Lam (CC, softball)
Emily Lanois (CC, women's track & field)
Stephen LaRouere (CC, men's golf)
Diana Lee (CC, women's basketball)
Greg Lee (CC, football)
Lucy Leopold (CC, women's tennis)
Caroline Lukins (CC, women's swimming & diving)
Devan Luster (CC, football)

Chris Manna (CC, wrestling)
Josh Martin (CC, football)
Caroline McDonough (CC, women's track & field)
Katie Meili (CC, women's swimming & diving)
Graham Miao (CC, men's squash)
Nick Mills (CC, wrestling)
Mike Murphy (CC, men's cross country)
Ryan Murphy (CC, football)
Kelsey Musselman (CC, volleyball)

Lexi Nichols (CC, women's soccer)
Megan Ng (SEAS, fencing)

Christie O’Hara (CC, field hockey)
Jake O’Hara (CC, wrestling)
Brendan O’Hearn (CC, men's soccer)
John O’Mara (CC, lightweight rowing)
Uju Ofoche (CC, women's track & field)
QueenDenise Okeke (CC, women's track & field)
Nnenna Okwara (SEAS, women's track & field)
Stefan Olson (CC, baseball)

Kristina Parsons (CC, women's swimming & diving)
Wil Patterson (CC, football)
Dean Perfetti (CC, football)
Blake Pinell (CC, lightweight rowing)

Katie Quan (CC, women's squash)

Rebecca Randall (CC, women's rowing)
Patricia Reilly (CC, women's track & field)
Susan Rodriquez (SEAS, women's track & field)
Cameron Ross (CC, football)
Nicole Ross (CC, fencing)
Natalie Rutherford (BC, women's rowing)

Steve Santos (CC, wrestling)
Nick Scott (CC, men's soccer)
Tyler Sheridan (CC, wrestling)
Caitlin Shufelt (CC, women's rowing)
Robert Sigmon (CC football)
Alexander Simmonds (CC, heavyweight rowing)
Brittany Simmons (CC, women's basketball)
Paige Simmons (CC, field hockey)
Tyler Simpson (CC, women's basketball)
Shad Sommers (CC, football)
Paul Snyder (CC, men's cross country)
Leighton Spencer (CC, men's cross country)

Liam Tansey (CC, men's cross country)
Christopher Thomas (CC, football)
Nikki Tomm (CC, women's rowing)
Evan Tsembelis (CC, men's cross country)

Noelle Van Rysselberghe (CC, women's track & field)
Benjamin Veillleux (CC, men's cross country)

Mike Waller (CC, football)
Scott Ward (SEAS, football)
Samantha Warren (CC, women's rowing)
Andrew Weiss (CC, football)
Jessica Werlin (CC, women's rowing)
Stephen West (CC, wrestling)
Noah Whitehead (SEAS, heavyweight rowing)
Eric Williams (CC, baseball)
John Wright (CC, men's swimming & diving)
Charles Wu (CC, heavyweight rowing)

Michael Yiu (CC, men's golf)
Will Young (CC, men's soccer)

Ashley Zambito (CC, women's golf)
Tony Zou (CC, men's squash)
John Zucchi (CC, lightweight rowing)

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